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Dvakrát otrokem, Jaroslav Rokoský, 2015

Paměti agrárníka Oldřicha Suchého

The institute for the study of totalitarian regimes published in January 2015, the memories of lawyer and first republic member of parliament for the agrarian party Oldřich Dry. Jaroslav Rokoským guided memories offer a unique perspective on the political and social maturation of the young, the interwar Czechoslovakia, the difficult period of the second republic, the nazi occupation, to the circumstances of the communist coup in February 1948 and the harsh ratios of the fifties. Dry was for their attitude throughout the war imprisoned in nazi prisons, especially in the Sachsenhausen concentration camp, and after the February coup three years in the communist jails and labor camps. After his release he was like back then, many capable and educated people forced to work in blue-collar occupations. In his memoirs recounts the harsh conditions of the nazi and communist prisons and camps and also the devastating disintegration of democratic values. The book is supplemented by annexes (e.g., manifestations of Emil Háchy, the testimony of a political prisoner Josef Sobotka). The third part of the book consists of the study of "Oldřich Dry, the agrarian party and the totalitarian regimes" historian and editor of the book of Jaroslav Rokoského that fate About. Dry advocates in the contemporary context. (511 pages).
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