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Vývrt Paradox

Paradox shotgun

Dual-purpose bore of main shotguns, where the barrel is equipped with a smooth bore for most of its length, but in the last section ( the manufacturer states "a few inches") the bore goes into a grooved recess, which allows shooting , so a single shot.

The patent was obtained in 1885 by Lt. Col. GV Fosbery, VC, then sold it to the rifle company Holland & Holland, which called Paradox began to use in their hunting weapons.

Between 1914 and 1915, it purchased at least six Paradox 12 Royal Naval Air Service shotguns, which used them in patrol aircraft in the United Kingdom with "SA Chain Shot 12 Bore Mark I" ammunition and "Buckingham-Holland" experimental ammunition. combat German airships, but there is no evidence that they were actually used.

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