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People's Republic of China (CHN)

Category for surface watercraft from People's Republic of China


Thai frigates - Made in China

The Royal Thai Navy is the largest user of export frigates of Chinese origin. At the turn of the 1980s and 1990s, a total of six were bought in two classes. However, the low price of the first four vessels was matched by their quality, and the other two units were completed with extensive German technical assistance.

Tiger and dragon in ex-Soviet armor

China's rapid economic development is constantly reported by the media, as the combination of the communist regime with the capitalist economy and, for example, the absorption of Hong Kong is media-attractive. However, the fact that, in addition to the economic dragon, a tiger also wakes up on its western border, is no longer so informatively covered.



Aircraft Carriers

Category for Aircraft Carriers of the People's Republic of China

Guided Missile Destroyers

Category for Guided Missile Destroyers of the People's Republic of China

Guided Missile Frigates

Category for Guided Missile Frigate of the People's Republic of China



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