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Polish-soviet war [1919-1920]


Prisoner of war and internment camps in Poland in the years 1919 - 1924

The defeat of the military bloc of the Central Powers marked the end of the Great War, later referred to as World War I, for the peoples of Europe. As a result, Austria-Hungary disintegrated, new independent states emerged in Central Europe (Poland and Czechoslovakia), and a revolution broke out in Germany and the fall of the empire. Following the end of the war, European governments were able to address the problems caused by the long-running global conflict. Among the most important issues that needed to be resolved relatively quickly was the return of millions of people displaced to their territories as a result of military operations, as well as the evacuation of prisoner-of-war camps and the deployment of prisoner-of-war soldiers to their homeland. . A total of 8,865 thousand prisoners (5,295 thousand of the Treaty soldiers and 3,570 of the Central Powers) were captured during World War I. After laying down their weapons on the fronts, the soldiers in the prison camps began to demand immediate release home.




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