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Polish uprisings [1794-1864]


Fight of the Polish Nation for Freedom, Bar Confederation 1768–1772

In 1763, the Polish king and Saxon elector August III died, and Russia replaced Stanislav II in his place. August Poniatowski, to support whom the army sent to Poland. This means that the new king - the favorite and perhaps the lover of Empress Catherine II. - he was nothing but a puppet in Russian hands. To stop Russian intervention, in 1768 a number of Polish nobles formed a defensive community, the so-called Bar Confederation (Konfederacja Barska).

Krakusi Grand Duchy of Warsaw, 1812–1815

The term "krakus" is first encountered during the period of the Principality of Warsaw in 1812. It was a novelty in the Polish army, reminiscent of the legacy of Kościuszko's peasant soldiers from the end of the 18th century. The improvised light ride on durable peasant horses was best suited for raids and diverse incursions into the enemy's rear.





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