Policejní pluk 1

Polizei-Regiment 1
Polizei-Regiment 1
Police regiment 1

The regiment originated 7. June 1939 of the police operating group of the I.
The regiment was after the defeat of Poland renamed to police regiment Bohemia.

The regiment was based in Prague and battalions had in Prague, Klatovy, Hradec Králové and Kolín. During the Polish campaign changes have occurred, since the police sent from the protectorate a total of five battalions and in addition took over the protection of certain objects, which have not yet watched branná power. Also. a battalion with four companies (setninami) resided in Prague, II. battalion in Klatovy with one platoon in Klatovy and the other in Pilsen, III. battalion with two setninami in the Camp, and IV. battalion in Cologne, germany with two companies in Mladá Boleslav, one in Cologne and one in Hradec Králové. After the end of the campaign, police units returned to the original number and at the same time, the above renaming.

Czech republic: In a sign of the death's head guards. The nazi protipartyzánský apparatus in 1944-1945, Our troops, Prague, 1991.
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