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SAAB 340

Přehled verzí

SAAB 340 - a overview of the versions[/heading:aaaaaa]

SAAB-Fairchild SF 340 - a twin-turboprop transport aircraft developed in cooperation Saab and Fairchildu
SAAB 340A - new designation established after the termination of cooperation with fairchild was backing; a total of 159 pcs
SAAB 340B - a new variant designed for "high and hot" conditions, 200 pcs
SAAB 340B+ - upgrading is improved by suppressing noise and vibration, 100 pcs
SAAB 340 AEW&C - conversion of 340B on the aircraft early warning radar Erieye, 12 pcs
SAAB 340AR - conversion of 340B for maritime patrolling for the japanese coast guard, 1? ks
SAAB 340 MSA - conversion of 340B for maritime patrol and SAR, 1 demonstrator?

Tp 100A - 340B Swedish air force used for VIP transport
S 100B Argus - 340 AEW&C the Swedish air force
Tp 100C - two standard 340B taken by the Swedish air force

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