Transall C-160

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Transall C-160 - version overview:

C-160 - prototypes, V1 - V3
C-160A - preproduction machines, A-01 - A-06
C-160D - Luftwaffe production machines
C-160F - serial machines of the Armée de l'air.
C-160P - C-160F postal conversion for Air France
C-160T - German C-160D sold to Turkey
C-160Z - South African Air Force machines
C-160NG - French machines with reinforced wings and new avionics, half of them converted to flying tankers
C-160H Astarté - two NG machines modified to communicate with nuclear submarines
C-160G Gabriel - two NG machines modified for radio research
C-160R - F and NG machines upgraded with a new anti-missile system
C-160S - naval reconnaissance version project
C-160AAA - project for early warning version

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C-160 at CIAF 2002
Transall C-160 -

Transall C-160 -

Transall C-160 -

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Aero č. 226, Marshall Cavendish International Ltd.

Transall C-160 -

Transall C-160 - rez

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