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Martin T3M

Přehled verzí

Martin T3M - track version[/heading:aaaaaa]
Curtiss CS-1 - single-engine reconnaissance and torpedo bomber built according to the design of the Naval Bureau of Aeronautics wooden structure, the lower wing with a larger span than the upper, the possibility to use the wheeled and float underbody, engine Wright T-2; 6 pcs
Curtiss CS-2 - bigger fuel supply, the engine of the Wright T-3; 2 pcs
Martin SC-1* - the production version of the CS-1; Martin won the contract thanks to offered a lower price, Curtiss refused to hand over the documentation, because there were new machines copied according to the already delivered prototypes and slightly differed; 35 pcs
Martin SC-2 - similar to the production version of the CS-2; 40 pcs
Martin T2M-1 - in 1925, renamed SC-1
Martin T2M-2 - in 1925, renamed SC-2
Martin T3M-1 - hull with a skeleton of steel tubes, the pilot with bombometčíkem moved in front of the wing, engine Wright T-3B; 24 pcs
Martin T3M-2 - wings of the same span, the pilot moved to the middle of the cockpit, the engine of the Packard 3A-2500; 100 pcs
Martin XT3M-3 - conversion of the prototype of the T3M-2 with the engine Pratt & Whitney R-1690 Hornet
Martin XT3M-4 - conversion XT3M-3 with an engine Wright R-1750 Cyclone

*the navy in 1923 turned around the letters indicating the manufacturer (Curtiss, C) and use (Scout, S)

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