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INT - Airbus A330

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Airbus A330 - track version[/heading:aaaaaa]

A330 - twin-engine wide-body transport aircraft, extended A300
A330-300 - initial variant; approximately 740 pcs, still in production
- 301: engines CF6-80E1A2
- 302: the engines of the CF6-80E1A4
- 303: the engines of the CF6-80E1A3
- 321: engines PW4164
- 322: engines PW4168
- 323: engines PW4168A
- 341: engines Trent 768-60
- 342: engines Trent 772-60
- 343: engines Trent 772B-60
A330-200 - a shortened variant with the repaired wing and a larger supply of fuel; approx 630 pieces, still in production
- 201: engines CF6-80E1A2
- 202: the engines of the CF6-80E1A4
- 203: the engines of the CF6-80E1A3
- 223: engines PW4168A
- 243: engines Trent 772B-60
A330-200F - cargo variant of the 42 pieces
- 223F: engines PW4168A
- 243F: engines Trent 772B-60
the A330 MRTT - flying tanker derivative of the A330-200, the wings of the A340 with the ability to carry the spindle with the hose instead of the original external engines and additional hose or the refueling boom under the stern; 26 pcs, still in production
- Northrop Grumman KC-45 - originally KC-30A, a variant with two spindles under the wings and the refueling boom comes across offered to the USAF; neobjednávka cancelled
- KC-30A - originally KC-30B, an analogue of the KC-45 for the RAAF; the engines of the CF6-80E 5 pcs
- Voyager KC.2 - originally KC-30C, for the RAF, two of the spindle under the wings, engines Trent 772B-60
- Voyager KC.3 - originally KC-30D, for the RAF, the spindle under the wings, and the other hose in the aft fuselage, engines Trent 772B-60

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