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SAAB 91 Safir

Přehled verzí

SAAB 91 Safir - an overview of the versions:[/heading:aaaaaa]

SAAB 91A - the three-digit training and sports aircraft, the engine de Havilland Gipsy X; 48 pcs
SAAB 91B - engine O-435A; 109 pcs, due to the utilization of the parent factory built by De Schelde
SAAB 91B-2 - 91B for the Norwegian air force with wings corresponding to 91C, but without fuel tanks; 25 pcs
SAAB 91C - a four-seater variant with tanks moved into the wings, 30 pcs SAAB, 11 De Schelde
SAAB 91D - a four-seater variant, engine O-360-A1A; 99 pcs

Tp 91 - the Swedish military designation for 91A, the connecting
Sk 50B - the Swedish military designation for the 91B, training
Sk 50C - the Swedish military= the designation for the 91C, training

X1G1 - 91A purchased the japanese air force and used for aerodynamic research with different wings

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