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etrich club Taube - track version[/heading:aaaaaa]

etrich club And Sperling - 1909, a direct precursor, a glider and later powered plane with the wing inspired by the seed of the plant Zanonia Macrocarpa
etrich club II Taube - 1910, a multi-purpose monoplane, controlled by twisting the wing; the basic variant, a small amount made Etrichem, production license agreed upon with the company MLG count Castiglione (carry out assembly operations, machines without engines but supplied Lohner)
- built in versions IV to VII, different engines, chassis etc.
etrich club III Möwe - 1910, slimmer wing, engine Daimler "Prinz Heinrich"
etrich club Schwalbe - 1911, sports, the pointed end of the wings
etrich club VIII Limousine - 1912, traffic with a closed cabin for three passengers, 60k engine Austro-Daimler, two pieces, allegedly used by the KuK air force
etrich club And.I - the designation of the KuK air force for the Taube with the radiator above the engine, and engines, Austro-Daimler, an unknown number of built Lohnerem, 10 pcs arsenal in Fischamendu
etrich club And.II - 1912, marking the KuK air force for the Taube with the radiator of the automotive type and the engine of Austro-Daimler, in addition to The Lohneru other 20 pcs built without a license arsenal in Fischamendu
etrich club And.II Taube - 1913, (probably) nepříbuzná upgraded variant of the production Etrichovy a new factory in Lubawce

Rumpler Taube - 1910, German license variant, in principle, identical with the austrian machine; the main variant, forming a substantial part of the approximately 500 Taube built in Germany
Rumpler 3C - 1913, upgraded variant with a simplified chassis and a more aerodynamic fairing of the engine; on the 3C pilot Linnevogel in Spain demonstrated the stability of the machine in flight, he climbed out of the cockpit and stood behind a support pylon
Rumpler 4C - 1914, a variant with a fuselage of rectangular cross-section and in a simplified bracing of the wing, control by aileron
Rumpler Delfin-Taube - 1913, conveying machine, with a covered cabin for passengers

In September 1911, the German patent office refused to Etrichovi patent on the Taube with the justification that the sliding characteristics of the fetus Zanonie have already been published and the new patent does not present any improvement compared to Etrichovu the austrian patent. Next magazine Flugsport published drawings Taub and dozens of German companies and individuals have begun to build their own version. (The firm Rumpler by the way took the opportunity and unilaterally terminated the license agreement, so she stopped Etrichovi pay.)

an Overview of the main producers and their variants:

Albatros Taube - 1913?, a copy of the standard Taub, simplified chassis, engine Mercedes D.I built at least five machines
Albatros EE Taube - 1914, hull taken from the Albatros B.I, 100k engine Mercedes, 42? ks

Caspar Taub - 1914, training Taube with a 100k engine Oberursel, emanating basically from the Gotha LE 2 with Oberurselem, which used Casparova flying school; built 6 machines for the air force, then taken over by the navy

DFW Stahltaube - 1913, rectangular hull with a metal frame, 100k or 120k, the engine of the Mercedes or Argus, the radiator under the engine
(because part of the machines flew in subsidiary companies DFW Lübeck-Travemünde, are sometimes incorrectly placed such as Lübeck Taub)

Euler Taub - 1913, three Taube with a different vzpěrovým system and the complex chassis, 95k engines Argus

Goedecker Militär-Taub - 1914, Taub is a tubular vzpěrovým system instead of breaking ropes; Fliegertruppe bought at least one

Gotha LE 1 - 1913, a copy of the standard Taub, 8 pcs for flight school Gotha and Caspar
Gotha LE 2 - 1913, upgraded variant with a simplified landing gear, Engine Mercedes D.Also, Argus or Oberursel In.0, 36 pcs for the air force, another for flight school; 4. 11. 1914 LE 2 for the first time bombed a british territory - Dover
Gotha LE 3 - 1914, redesigned fuselage with a rectangular cross-section, the engine of the Mercedes D.I; 46 pcs?
Gotha LE 4 - 1914, modernization with control flaps, faired Mercedes engine; 2 pcs of differing fastening reinforcing wires

Halberstadt Taube - 1912, a training option for corporate aviation school, massive four-wheel chassis, 75k/100k Mercedes engines
Halberstadt Taube - 1914, upgraded variant with a fuselage with a rectangular cross section and perhaps even with wings, simple chassis, Mercedes engines; at least 5 pcs

Harlan Pfeil-Taub - several pieces, swept-wing

Jeannin Stahltaube - 1913, rectangular hull with a metal construction, a simplified chassis, 120k engine Argus or Mercedes, 36? pc; a machine of this type supposedly revealed by the Russian army in the battle of Tannenberg

Kondor Taube - 1912, an oval-shaped fuselage, 95k Mercedes engine; 5 built for Spain, another for Sweden, but after the outbreak of war seized by the German air force
Condor H Taub - 1914, rectangular fuselage covered with plywood, 100k Mercedes engine, for the air force 12 pcs

Rahtjen Taub - 1915, an oval-shaped fuselage, engine Argus; probably built only 4 machines for the corporate aviation school

Roland Stahltaube - 1913, metal construction of the fuselage, 100k engine Argus; bought just two

Other machines, of which there are at least some information:
Isobe Taub - 1915, the machine was built in Tokorozawě engineer Onokiči Isobem, engine Austro-Daimler, control by aileron
Beese Taub - machine derived from the Rumpler Taube built for Amelie Beese-Butard
Luckoj Taub - the machine of the Russian engineer Boris G. Luckého, powered by two tandem mounted engines
Krieger Taub - 1915, probably the last machine Taub

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Etrich Taube - Původní Etrichovy typy: Sperling (Vrabec), Taube (Holubice), Möwe (Racek), Schwalbe (Vlaštovka) a Limousine.

Původní Etrichovy typy: Sperling (Vrabec), Taube (Holubice), Möwe (Racek), Schwalbe (Vlaštovka) a Limousine.
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