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Bristol Scout - version overview

Scout A
The first machine, a sport biplane. Destroyed in an emergency landing on the English Channel while returning from a tour of France.

Scout B
Two other machines, completed just at the start of the war and purchased by the War Office. One destroyed in an accident, one armed and tested in France.

Scout C
A production form of the Scout B, used by both the Air Force and Navy.

Scout D
The second production form, with a modified fuel system and the option of a synchronized machine gun.

A machine related to the Scout A, an armoured scout built to French order but which did not make it into series production.

Two-seat fighter version of the Scout D for the RNAS, two prototypes built, development stopped in favour of the 1 1/2 Strutter.

Scout E
Scout project redesigned for the inline Hispano engine.

Scout F
A version based on the Scout E project, two machines were built with the Sunbeam Arab inline engine and one machine was completed without the engine as a backup.

Scout F.1
As an alternative to the unreliable Arab engine, one Scout F was completed with a Cosmos Mercury radial engine, but despite good results, further development was halted due to the end of the war.

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