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Agusta A.109

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Agusta A.109 - list of versions

A.109A Hirundo - eight-seater twin-engine civilian helicopter, retractable landing gear, Allison 250-C14 engines; 4 prototypes and about 150 serial
A.109A Mk.II - modernization from 1981 with Allison 250-C20B engines and various minor modifications; approx. 160 pcs
- A.109 Mk.II Wide Body - subversion with wider fuselage thanks to convex side panels
- A.109 Mk.II + - subversion with Allison 250-C20R engines; about 20 pcs
A.109 Mk.II SEM - version for the Italian Financial Guard with Fiar ‐ Bendix 1500B/Plus and FLIR radar; 8 pcs
A.109B - military version project
A.109K - export multipurpose military variant, Turboméca Arriel 1K1 engines, new tail rotor, composite main rotor, longer bow, higher fixed chassis; 12 pcs
A.109K2 - ambulance and later police variant A.109K, 41 pcs
A.109KM - military variant A.109K, probably only design or demonstrator
A.109KN - naval variant A.109K, probably only a proposal or demonstrator
A.109C - modernized wide body civil variant, Allison 250-C20R engines with new transmission system, composite rotor, retractable chassis ; 84 pcs
- A.109C Max - plumbing with large upturned doors, probably completed by most A.109C
A.109CM - military observation and multi-purpose variant, with a kite and a landing gear corresponding to A.109K, including a fixed landing gear, but Allison engines 250-C20R, sliding doors and the ability to carry a variety of equipment
- A.109EOA - A.109CM for the Italian Army, in two subvariant, 24 pcs
- A.109BA - A.109CM for the Belgian Army, as anti-tank subversion A.109HA and observation subversion A.109HO, different avionics from Italian; 46 pcs in total
A.109D - prototype "unified" civilian version with Allison 250-C22R9 engines, 1 conversion
A.109E Power/AW109 Power - civilian version replacing A.109C and A.109K2, a dragon based on the other, but retractable chassis in sponsons, modified tail, PWC PW206C or Arrius 2K1 engines; about 500 pcs, still in production
- MH-68A Stingray - eight A.109E used by USCG for anti-smuggling patrols, PW206C engines
A.109LUH/AW109LUH - multipurpose military variant A.109E, Arrius 2K2 engines; 82 pcs including licensed production
- Hkp 15A - Swedish military designation
- Hkp 15B - Swedish military designation, machines with modifications for operation from frigates Visby
- A.109LOH - slightly different observation and multipurpose variant for Malaysia, 11 pcs
A.109S Grand/AW109S Grand - variant with slightly enlarged cab, new rotor, PW207C engines; approx. 190 pcs
AW109SP GrandNew - similar to A.109S with completely new avionics; about 190 pcs, still in production
AW109N Nexus - improved police multi-purpose variant A.109E, PW207C engines; 39? pcs
AW109 Trekker - multi-purpose variant based on AW109S, with rail chassis, PW207C engines; still in production

A.119/AW119 Koala - scale single-engine helicopter based on A.109
CA109 - Chinese licensed version produced CHAIG

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Agusta A.109 Hirundo

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