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NH Industries NH90 - track version[/heading]


PT1/F-ZWTH - the first prototype engines RTM 322, built in Marignane, 1995.
PT2/F-ZWTI - the second prototype, fly-by-wire steering, built in Marignane, 1996.
PT3/F-ZWTJ - the third prototype, the "glass" cockpit. Marignane, 1998.
PT4/9890 - the fourth prototype, in the execution of the TTH. Ottobrunn, 1999.
PT5/MMX613 - the fifth prototype, the equipment corresponding to NFH. Cascina Costa, 1999.

Basic options:

NH90 TTH - Tactical Transport Helicopter, the transporter and the multi-purpose variant of the medium twin-engine helicopter. 450+ pcs.
NH90 NFH - NATO Frigate Helicopter, maritime anti-ship and rescue variant. 110+ pcs.
NH90 MTT - maritime transport and supply variant, analogue of TTH with folding rotor blades NFH and other modifications. Offered from 2019, the difference between the MTT and the elderly MITT is not known.

manufacturer's Designation for the known subvarianty:

TTH, engines RRTM 322
- TGEA - the German army
- TGEE - German air force
- TPOA - the Portuguese army (order cancelled)
- TGRA - the Greek air force, 20 pcs
- TFIA - the Finnish army, 20 pcs
- TAUA - australian army (40 units) and navy (6 pcs)
- TNZA - new zealand army, 8 pcs
TTH, engines GE T700
- GITA - the Italian army 60 pcs including the ordered
TTH, engines RRTM 322 and increased the ceiling of the cabin (HCV)
- BSWA - transporter variant for the Swedish armed forces, 9 pcs
- BSWN - sea rescue and anti-ship variant (and not the NFH!) for the Swedish armed forces, 9 pcs
TTH, engines RRTM 322 about the increased performance.
- TOMF - ománská army, 20 pcs
TTH, engines T700 about the increased performance.
- GSPA - Spanish army, 45 pcs including ordered
NFH, engines RRTM 322
- NFRS - the French navy, ground transport and rescue version with a cargo ramp, 13 pcs
- NFRN - the French navy, on-board variant without cargo ramp, 14 pcs
NFH, engines T700
- HITN - the Italian navy, 46 pcs
TTH with engines T700 and rotor NFH
- MITT - marine supply and multi-purpose variant for Italy, 10 pcs

the sign used by the customers:

MRH-90 Taipan - the designation of the australian army for the NH90 TAUA
NH90 NHC Caïman (NHC-90 Caïman?) - designations of the French navy for the NH90 NFRN
NH90 NHS Caïman (NHS-90 Caïman?) - designations of the French navy for the NH90 NFRS
NH90 NFH Sea Lion - markings of the German navy for their variation similar to the NH90 NFRS
HKP14E - the Swedish designation for the NH90 BSWA
HKP14F - the Swedish designation for the NH90 BSWN
HT-29 Caimán - the Spanish designation for NH90 GSPA
UH-90A - the designation of the Italian army for the NH90 GITA
SH-90A - the designation of the Italian navy for the NH90 HITN
MH-90A - the designation of the Italian navy for the NH90 MITT

Spacek, Jaroslav. Featuring: NH Industries NH90, L+K 2004/08.
Jackson, Paul. Jane's All the World's Aircraft 2004-2005. Jane's Information Group, Coulsdon 2004.
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Na přiložených fotkách je prototyp PT5 v provedeni NFH a PT4 v provedení TTH.

Stroje mají možnost zabudování dvou typů pohoných jednotek z důvodu neshody uživatelů na jednotném pohonu. RTM-322-01/9 Rolls-Royce/Turbomeca (1662kW) preferují Německo, Francie a Nizozemí. General Electric/Fiat Avio T700T-6E1 je preferována Itálií.

Námořní verze je označována NFH (NATO Frigate Helicopter) a již z názvu je zřejmé, že je určena pro službu na lodích velikosti fregaty, dopravní TTH (Tactical Transport Helicopter) a je určena pro armádu.

NH Industries NH90, Ing. Zdeněk Odehnal, ATM, 2006, roč. XXXVIII, č.12, s.22-27. ISSN 1210-2849

INT - NH Industries NH90 - NH90 NFH, PT5 


INT - NH Industries NH90 - NH90 TTH, PT4 


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