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Hans-Ulrich Rudel

Hans Rudel is not such a type of German "armored aces" as Wittmann or Barkmann, because he was a "Stuka ace" and destroyed enemy armor from the air. During his aviation career, he destroyed an enormous amount of enemy material, including 519 Soviet tanks.

Hermann Bernhard Ramcke

During his long military career in both world wars, Hermann Bernhard Ramcke, a general of airborne troops, demonstrated the courage and commanding skills for which he was awarded the Knight's Cross with swords and diamonds. He earned the nickname "Dad Ramcke" for the care he always gave to the soldiers under his command.

Nine camels of Baron von Richthofen

Most notable events usually have very common explanations. It is no different with the respectable number of 80 victories of the Red Baron Manfred von Richthofen. When we get to know all his victims in detail and the circumstances of all his victories, everything suddenly seems logical and easy to understand.

The first success of the RAF or the

Ninety years ago, on April 1, 1918, the British Royal Flying Corps belonging to the ground forces, merged with the Royal Navy Air Service, creating the world's first independent air force, the famous Royal Air Force, Royal Air Force. However, this seemingly only administrative step fundamentally affected the lives of three men. At that time, air warfare raged in the sky and all three of them were fighters. Without this measure, the two would never have met with one unit, and one of them would not have saved the other's life. The third would not die, at least not under the circumstances I will tell you about now ...