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RUS - PRO a SVRN - RLS 77Ja6VP Voroněž-VP

РЛС СПРН 77Я6ДМ Воронеж-ВП

Basic TTD 77Ja6VP Voronezh-VP

Frequency bandm-
power Necessaryto 10 MW-
- range6000 km-
Elevation range?-
Captured by the sector in the limit angle?-
Captured by the sector in azimuth?-
Inclination of orbital pathways targets?-
Number of simultaneously tracked targets?-
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RUS - FOR and SVRN - RLS 77Ja6VP Voronezh-VP
РЛС СПРН 77Я6ДМ Воронеж-ВП

About this radar station warning system before the missile assault is so far very little concrete data.

As far as we can determine, this is the continuation of a series of RLS 77Ja6 Voronezh with the fact that this is a station with a large emitted by power and guaranteed a range of 6000 km. Předpokládáný power station is 10 MW (just to remind you, that the power consumption of the CRL 5Ja77DM Voronezh-DM is 0.7 MW).

The wavelength band is the same as for RLS, Voronezh-M, i.e. one meter.

Photos with the exception of satellite images, where it is in the constructed position near the village of Mišelevka (here is the unfinished status of the CRL SVRN 5N79 Darjal, instead there will be a Voronezh-VP) composed of the antenna system, no more not yet..
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