Rejd UPA v Rumuniju 1949 r. - Vitalij Manzurenko a Vasyl' Hymenjuk


Vitaly Manzurenko, Vasyl' Hymenjuk: The UPA raid in Romania in 1949.
Віталій Манзуренко, Василь Гуменюк: Рейд УПА в Румунію 1949 р.

The study was printed by the Lviv publishing house Starogo Leva for the library of the military-historical journal Odnostrij,
56 pages, dimensions: 203x250 mm, ISBN 978-966-2909-80-1

The book is written in Ukrainian Cyrillic and introduces the reader to the combat action of one of the units of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA), which infiltrated Romania by land and operated for a time in the territory inhabited by the Hutsuls.

The book is equipped with a map and period pictures.
Rejd UPA v Rumuniju 1949 r. - Vitalij Manzurenko a Vasyl Hymenjuk - Rejd UPA v Rumuniju 1949 r.

Rejd UPA v Rumuniju 1949 r.
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