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Rules of this website
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The following rules are binding for all users who want to register and post any contributions, both in the factual part and in the free/discussion part.

Each individual post is checked and verified by the Moderator or Administrator of this forum, who oversees compliance with these rules and has the right to edit, rename, move or delete, notify, warn and temporarily or permanently exclude users from this forum in case of repeated violations. For serious violations of the rules, a technical blockage occurs, which may mean that the user does not get to the entire server. So we all ask you to follow these rules!

1) Obey the laws!

- It is forbidden to share any illegal content, movies, music, etc. on this forum.
- At the same time, it is forbidden to copy any texts, images and other material here without the permission of its original author or copyright owner for this work. This rule is most often violated, and that is why we place such emphasis on it. If you are not sure whether the text you enter meets this criterion, do not hesitate to contact our Moderators, Administrators or me in person! This will prevent unnecessary problems and possible blockages!
- Each factual contribution must indicate the source from which it was drawn. A post without a resource has no value and it is better not to have it here!
- Revisionism is prohibited (eg Holocaust denial)

2) Behave decently

- Assault, personal finger-pointing, swearing, including religiously or ethnically motivated insults are prohibited
- Do not create registrations for soldiers, politicians and personalities in general, "Adolf Hitler" and the like, we block such registrations.
- We prefer you to register under your real name
- Everyone has an opinion and has a full right to it, so respect the opinions of others. Not everyone will always agree with you, but that doesn't mean he's a jerk!
- Each section of the site has its own specific rules, WHAT and HOW to insert into it, and HOW to name it. These rules are essential for the system to be transparent and easy for any user to navigate, so please read the rules of the section you want to contribute to, respect the information from the Moderators and do not be afraid if your post is modified or renamed.
- If you decide to contribute somewhere, read the whole previous discussion on the topic to get fully acquainted with the "story". There is nothing worse than when, after a debate of 100 contributions, someone new shows up and begins to address what has long been resolved.
- If you have nothing sensible to say, you better keep quiet. Especially in factography, there are contributions, for example in biographies, "he was a good general". Um, yes, maybe he was, but such a sentence has an informational value of zero, and will be deleted by the moderator. Unnecessary extra work. If you like the general and admire him, write an article about him, compile his biography or his campaign - you will do more for him.

3) Realize the reality

- The creation of "What if" topics is expressly forbidden. As well as various topics about nothing, such as "the best WW2 tank". These discussions do not lead to anything and only drain the strength of moderators and others who are constantly trying to refute the inaccuracies and mistakes experienced. We prefer real work to this wasted time.
- The celebration of fascism, Nazism, communism and other dictatorial forms of government is not tolerated here.
- Any debate on politics is not tolerated here.
- Even this server has to live on something. Therefore, any advertising, linking and other forms of promotion to third-party websites, projects and products are prohibited on this forum, unless agreed in advance (see the Contacts section) or unless it concerns the listing of sources for factual contributions.
- By submitting your contribution to, you agree to its permanent placement on this website, without the possibility of deleting it.Only Moderators and Administrators have permission to delete a post and you can contact them at any time - but your request may not be met!

4) Joy and cooperation

- Everything we do here aims to create the most widely available database of personalities, events and things related to the military and history. Creation should bring joy to all of us and introduce us to new things and, last but not least, to new people, people of our interests and hobbies. That is why we do everything we can to make this website a place of joy and cooperation, and we work hard where this idea is violated, where the rules are not followed, or where we are consciously assigned further work.
Here you will find all information for the processing and protection of personal data on our website.

If you do not agree with the rules, you can continue browsing the forum, but you will not be allowed to post any posts and some other features may be unavailable.

For the web Radek "Admin" Havelka
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Following rules are mandatory for all users of and, who want to post any texts into any topic of our website - either in discussion section or in facts section.

Every post is checked by the group of Moderators and Administrators of this site. Every member of these groups keeps an eye on observance of the rules, and has the authority to modify, rename, move or delete the post, notify, warn, temporarily or permanently ban the user in case of rules violation. When major rules violation happens, the user is being blocked on the firewall and has no access to any sites hosted on this server, so ask you for the observance of the rules.

1) Law-abidingness !

- Any sharing of illegal content like films, music etc. is prohibited !
- Don't publish here any texts, images or other stuff, that is under copyright, without having permission of the owner of the copyright, author or publisher. This is the most often violated rule, that's why we emphasize it. If you are not sure, please contact one of the Moderators or me via e-mail or private message. You can avoid unnecessary troubles and possible ban.
- Every post in the facts section MUST HAVE sources mentioned. Even if the picture is your own, if the data are collected by yourself, please say so, else please stick to the norm of books and website citation. Post without resources cannot be validated and has zero value for this website and our work.
- No revisionism, holocaust denial etc.

2) Behave properly

- Any personal abuse, bad language and invectives, including sex, racial or religious harassment is prohibited !
- Please do NOT create nicknames of soldiers, politicians and other celebrities, like "George Bush", this registration will be banned !
- We prefer, if you register under your real name
- Every single user of this website has the right to have his own opinion, so please, respect it. If you don't agree with someone, it doesn't mean that he is stupid !
- Each section inside the facts section has its own specific rules, WHAT and HOW to post into that section, HOW to name the topics etc. These rules are important to keep the system easy to navigate and use for our users, so please, read the section rules and respect the information and requests provided by Moderators. Don't be surprised, if your post is moved or renamed.
- If you decide to write a post somewhere, please take the time and read the whole discussion, so you don't repeat / flame. It's very annoying, if someone after 100 posts of a debate, that has been solved, start it again.
- If you have nothing to say, please be quiet. Especially in facts section, for example by the CV of some general, if you add a post saying "it was a good man", what does that say to us? Nothing. It means another post that has to be deleted, another work for our moderators. If you like your general, please write an article about him, that helps him and us all !

3) Stick to the reality

- "What if" topics are prohibited ! Also any kind of "Best tank of ww2" discussion are not welcomed here, simply because relativity of these topics, that often bring up many innaccuratenesses, that our users have to watch and "explain / repair", which takes our resources, with no gain. We prefer real work instead of this nonsense discussions.
- Glorification of fascism, nazism, communism and other dictatorship way of government, political ideologies and movements is prohibited here. Please note, that some of these steps are against the law of Czech Republic, and if we are asked to provide details, including IP addresses of the poster, to local police, we will do it.
- Please, no debate about current local politics.
- Please, no links to other sites and forums (except of source section of facts post, as stated above), no advertisement and promotion of products, people and websites in the posts here. You can always contact me to discuss the options to have mutual cooperation, or to buy advertisement, we welcome any kind of cooperation, that is mutually beneficial.
- With submitting your post to this website you agree with its irrevocable publication on this website, without possibility to delete it. Only Moderators are allowed delete the posts, you can always ask them to do so, but your request may be declined. There is quite big amount of work done on organising and linking your post to others on this site, and by deleting there is a big chance of inconsistency of the data.

4) Good feeling and cooperation

- Everything we do here has its aim to create the largest free website about personalities, units, weapons and events connected to military and history. To do so should be fun for all of us, we can create new contacts and friendships with people with similar interests. We work hard to achieve this state of fun and cooperation, and we hit hard those users, who infringe these ideas and rules of this website.

Here you can find the information about privacy policy and data protection on our site.

If you don't agree to these rules, you can still use our website in read-only mode, but you are not allowed to enter any posts, some other functions might be limited as well.

Radek "Admin" Havelka
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