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Russia / Soviet Union (RUS / SOV)

Category for surface watercraft from Russia / Soviet Union


MRK-5: Hurricane with a speed of 60 knots

The Soviet missile boat on the wings MRK-5 was the only built vessel of the Project 1240 Uragan. Its design, consistently subject to the requirement to reach a maximum speed of 60 knots, used a number of advanced solutions. However, despite the fact that MRK-5 fulfilled all VMF assignments, MRK-5 did not have any followers due to its complexity.

Tiger and dragon in ex-Soviet armor

China's rapid economic development is constantly reported by the media, as the combination of the communist regime with the capitalist economy and, for example, the absorption of Hong Kong is media-attractive. However, the fact that, in addition to the economic dragon, a tiger also wakes up on its western border, is no longer so informatively covered.

Yak-36M (1) - First advances

The new generation of aircraft on board began to take shape on paper. The basic concept of the Jaku-36M was clear, so it was possible to proceed to the construction of a prototype. The work started just six months after the completion of the design work.

Yak-36M (2) - Moral support aircraft

Starting vertically, the Yak-36M was included in the armament after a series of vicissitudes. Although great hopes were placed in it, in the end he did not represent a striking force that could jeopardize the dominance of Western countries at sea. Although its performance in a clean configuration surpassed the competitive Harrier, it lagged significantly behind in firepower. The Marines spoke of fire support rather than moral support.



Battleships and Battlecruisers

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Guided Missile Cruiser

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Destroyers Escort

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