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Crash of the nuclear submarine K-141 Kursk - part 1.

The article summarizes all the findings published so far and presents the causes and consequences of the tragic catastrophe of a Soviet submarine with guided missiles and nuclear propulsion class Project 949A Antej (NATO code Oscar-II) K-141 Kursk, which occurred almost ten years ago on 12 August 2000 in Barentsov. the sea.
It is dedicated to the memory of 118 sailors who died in this tragedy.
Due to the scope, it is processed in several parts and will be published gradually as a series.

The secret of Kursk will remain a secret until the next century

Atomic submarine cruiser 1st class "Kursk", as the designation of the nuclear submarine class "Oscar II" with guided missiles in Russian nomenclature, was launched in 1995 and within the 7th Division of the 1st Submarine Fleet was sent on regular patrol cruises with sharp ammunition around the world ...





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