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Russo-Austrian-Ottoman War [1787-1792]


Alexander Vasilyevich Suvorov

Suvorov is considered one of the best military leaders of all time, most probably famous for his crossing of the Alps following Hannibal's model, although without elephants. However, there were more generals in his family, but they did not achieve the success of Alexander Vasilyevich. It is ironic that this man, a stronghold of the tsarist regime and a staunch supporter of the French revolutionary troops, became one of the symbols and traditional legendary strongholds of the Soviet army.

The battle of Karansebes 1788

The Austrian Reform Emperor Joseph II, who lived and ruled for too long in the shadows of his northern rival, the brilliant military leader of the Prussian King Frederick II the Great (1712 - 1786, King of Prussia from 1740) felt the desire to lack another important goal in his successful career and that, to become a successful and respected war leader of his people.

The triumphs of the new Russian fleet – the acquisition of the Crimea

King of Prussia - philosopher Frederick the Great, aka "Old Fric", sometime around the middle of the 18th century, considered Russian troops to be mere hordes of barbarians. It was, however, before his great army experienced the bitterness of defeats inflicted on it by regiments of Russian "barbarians" in the battles of the Seven Years' War (1756-1763), and Cossack horses were fed water from the Spree. But how it all happened, we can tell some other time. Our talk today is about how the envoys of the Western powers in Russia deceived their breadwinners and how the Russian fleet became lord of the Black Sea.





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