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SS-ObergruppenfΓΌhrer Arthur Seyss-Inquart

Arthur Seyss-Inquart (Seyß-Inquart) was an Austrian Nazi politician who served as Chancellor of Austria in 1938 for two days before the Anschluss. His positions in Nazi Germany included "deputy governor to Hans Frank in the General Government of Occupied Poland, and Reich commissioner for the German-occupied Netherlands" including shared responsibility "for the deportation of Dutch Jews and the shooting of hostages".

Sylvester Stadler

Sylvester Stadler was one of the youngest German generals during World War II. He took command of the 9th SS Tank Division "Hohenstaufen" in just 33 years. During the war, he proved many times directly on the front line that he is an exceptional commander. As one of the 24 SS soldiers, he was the holder of the Knight's Cross with Oak Leaves and Swords. His name has never been associated with war crimes.