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USA - SCR-634 (VKV - zaměřovač)

SCR-634 (VHF Direction-Finding-Station)

VHF radio sight SCR-634

Transportable the ensemble was fitted to the container of the HO-34A serve to secure the flight operation of the aircraft, equipped with on-board VHF radios with a frequency range of 100 to 156 Mc/s (MHz).
Could be established on the ground or on the platform of the lorry.

1. Container HIM-34A

1.a) Receiving radio equipment RC-229
(receiver BC-639 And)

1.b) Calibration and control set with gniometrem

1.c) so antenna molecules system RC-153B
(H-system with 1/2 λ dipoles for the frequency bands:
Also. 100 - 124 Mc/s
II. 122 - 146 Mc/s
III. 132 - 156 Mc/s

1.d) Power supply: AC 110V/60Hz from the mains or generator

1.e) Transceiver for connection with the aircraft (frequency band of 100 to 156 Mc/s

USA - SCR-634 (VKV - zaměřovač) - VKV D/F stanoviště SCR-634

VKV D/F stanoviště SCR-634

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