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SOV - NRZ-1 (identifikační systém)


The kit of the identification device LDC-1:

Ground radar interrogator 1 / LDC-1 ("Kremnyj-1")
(in the original: Hаземный Pадиолокационный Зaпросник - 1 "Kpeмный - 1") - served to identify the aeroplane "foreign - own" in the systems radar reconnaissance on sites radiotechnických voice equipped with radars P-3A, P-8 and P-10.

Figure antennas NRZ-1 is RL P-3

Working closely with the on-board equipment LTD.-1/ in the original: Cамолётный Pадиолокационный Oтветчик "Барий"/ CPO-1.

On airplanes MiG-15/S-102, MiG-15bis/S-103, MiG-15UTI/CS-102; MiG-17PF/S-104 was a short antenna placed on the back of the fuselage between the cockpit and the SOP, in the case of aeroplanes MiG-19S and MiG-19P on the left side of the bow.

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