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SOV - Osnova-1E (automatizované veliteľské stanovište)

Complex of means of automation of the command post of the radio battalion Osnova-1E

It is intended for the collection, processing of radar information from radars, radar companies and other sources of RLI and for the distribution of this RLI onwards.

The Osnova-1E complex provides in real time:
-reception, processing, display and documentation of information on the air situation from subordinate radars (RL), radar stations (RLS) of cooperating radio technical units
-management of subordinate RL and RLS in order to optimize the processes of detection, monitoring, determination of nationality and determination of the type of air objects in the conditions of interference
-issue of information to the command posts of radio brigades, anti-aircraft missile brigades, basic fighter aircraft and REB units
-autonomous and comprehensive training of operators.

The set of the complex includes:
-fight control cabin
-Cabin connection and data transmission
-cabin with spare parts
-electric distribution cabin

Types of targets: military aircraft, civil aircraft, ballistic missiles, wing missiles (flat flight missiles), helicopters and other slow, low-flying objects.

The equipment of the complex is built on the current technological and component base, using the latest knowledge in the field of information processing algorithms, color imaging devices, universal means of data transmission and documentation of combat operations.

The Osnova-1E complex is fully autonomous, ensuring continuous operation while ensuring the comfort of working operators in any conditions of use virtually anywhere on Earth. If necessary, profitable automated workplaces can be located in a rugged command post.
The set of additional means also includes the repair-diagnostic module 11Ju6, designed for automatic detection of faults and defective components.

Subordinate resources of RLI, provided by VS:
-3D RL type Desna-M, Nebo-U, Gamma-D
-automated command systems RLS type Pole-E (ME), Nizina-U, VP-01M
-automated command posts of radio technical units type Osnova-1E, PORI-M, VP-02M
-automated command posts of the radio brigade type Niva-E
-automated command post of air defense command type Universal-1E
-automated command posts of anti-aircraft missile wax type Baikal-1E, Senez-ME (M1E)
-automated command post PLRS S-300
-automated command posts (guidance posts) of the Rubež-ME fighter aircraft
-automated command posts of REB units
-automated command posts of foreign production, through a complex of Lilija-type communications

Basic tactical and technical data:
number of simultaneously monitored air objects 120
area of activity remote 1600 km
altitude 100 km
speed of monitored targets 6000km/hour
number of simultaneously connected sources and "consumers" RLI 10
number of automated jobs 3
number of staff 7
switch-on time 2 min.
weight/dimensions of the combat control cabin 20000 kg/11x2,33x2,61 m
weight/dimensions of the connection and data transmission cabin 20000 kg/11x2,33x2,61 m
weight/dimensions of cab with spare parts 20000 kg/18,17x3,15x3,325 m
weight/dimensions of electrical distribution cabin 14200 kg/9,013x2,89x3,56 m
SOV - Osnova-1E (automatizované veliteľské stanovište) -

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SOV - Osnova-1E (automatizované veliteľské stanovište) -

SOV - Osnova-1E (automatizované veliteľské stanovište) -

SOV - Osnova-1E (automatizované veliteľské stanovište) -

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SOV - Osnova-1E (automatizované veliteľské stanovište) -

SOV - Osnova-1E (automatizované veliteľské stanovište) -

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