SOV - R-104 (prenosná a mobilná KV rádiostanica)

The R-104 is a short-wave Soviet, portable and mobile radio of post-war design. It replaced the RBM-1 and RBM-2 radios. It was upgraded to the R-104M during production. Its peculiarity is that it does not switch the oscillator in order to achieve higher frequency stability. The oscillator operates above and below the operating frequency on the first range. It is equipped with battery tubes and two 4P1L/GU50 tubes are used on the final stage. These are switched according to whether the radio is used as a portable or mobile station. The radio operates in simplex mode (transmit or receive). The modernisation included in particular the change of the vibration transducers to transistor transducers.

Range: 1,5-2,88 and 2,88-4,25 MHz
Operations: A1, A3
Sensitivity: A1 better than 4 µV, A3 up to 8 µV
Power: A1 3.5/20 W and A3 1/10 W
Range: up to 50 km
Dimensions: 445 x 290 x 255 mm,
Weight : 22 kg
Antennas: 1.5 and 2.7 rod antennas, 28 m wire antenna
Power supply : 2 x 2NKN24 batteries in the portable version, 2 x 2NKN24 + 2 x 5NKN45 batteries in the mobile version

Source: own collection and with permission of the webmaster
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