SOV - R-325M (rušič - rádioelektronický boj)

The R-325M is used to jam one selective KV radio link at the adversary's operational level of command
- aerial vehicle
- EC AD-30MT - 30kW (JaAZ - M204G or M-206)
- instrument car (superstructure type KUNG-1M)
Crew - 7+1 - 6x operator + 1x lead + EC + 1 commander
Frequency band: 1,5 - 25,5MHz
Types of operation: A1 A2 A3 A4 F1 F3 F4 SSB(JPP)

- Transmitting:
L antenna - 32m - 5louč - 2,15 - 9,5MHz
L antenna - 50m - 3luč - 1,5 - 2,15MHz
Logarithmic periodic antenna - 9.5 - 25.5MHz
- Receiving:
10m telescopic
25m oblique loč
245m phased array antenna
+ active counterbalance

power: 5-7kW (pulsed)
In the instrument car there is a receiverč R-250:
power supply, =12V, AC 127V, 220V
number of subranges - 12
sensitivity - 0,5uA (micro)
weight - 95kg

Source: notes from the author's military service
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