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SOV - RUS-2s / RUS-2 "Pegmatit" / "Redut" (prehľadový RL)


RUS-2s/RUS-2 (Pegmatit/Redut) - pulse radar produced in stationary (RUS-2s) and mobile variants.

The development of combat aircraft in the late 1930s also accelerated the development of air defense. She needed information about the air enemy for timely and accurate intervention. Radars have become such a source of information, and their development has been successfully addressed in Germany, the United Kingdom and the USSR in the late 1930s.

The first Soviet radar designed to survey the air situation was the type RUS-1 "Reve & # 328;" accepted into service in September 1939 (09/1939). It was experimentally tested in the Soviet-Finnish war. At the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, there were about 45 of these radars in the armament of the Red Army, mostly assigned to the PVO Zakaukazka and the Far East.

After the Soviet-Finnish war, a prototype of the RUS-2 radar was also tested in combat, which was able to capture & # 357; air targets in the distance & # 357; 120 km. He was accepted into the air defense armament in June 1940 (06/1940). Based on the experience from the operation of the zero series of this radar, a single-antenna stationary modification of the RUS-2s Pegmatit and a mobile variant of the RUS-2 Redut (located in two box cars) were created.

With the introduction of radars RUS-1 (RUS-2) into the air defense armament sharply increased efficiency & # 357; PVO. Data on air targets (distance, azimuth, flight speed of both group and individual targets) from several radars enabled the command of the air defense circuit to realistically evaluate. ; air situation and effectively uses a # 382; own resources.

Source: Martin Smíšek archive - Col. Ing. Karel ŠIMEK - The First Soviet Radars (Air Force and Air Defense, 1984, p. 62)
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Fotografie RUS-2

Zdroj: , archív Martina Smíška (Letectvo a PVO, 1984, str. 63, plk. Ing.Karel ŠIMEK - Prvé Sovětské rádiolokátory)
SOV - RUS-2s / RUS-2 Pegmatit / Redut (prehľadový RL) - RUS-2 - prijímacia časť

RUS-2 - prijímacia časť
SOV - RUS-2s / RUS-2 Pegmatit / Redut (prehľadový RL) - RUS-2 (vysielacia časť)

RUS-2 (vysielacia časť)
SOV - RUS-2s / RUS-2 Pegmatit / Redut (prehľadový RL) - RUS-2 pri presune

RUS-2 pri presune
SOV - RUS-2s / RUS-2 Pegmatit / Redut (prehľadový RL) - RUS-2

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