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In the Spanish sky - Blériot-SPAD S 51 and S 91

Long after the end of the Spanish Civil War, there were reports that the Republican Air Force had actively deployed Blériot-SPAD S 510 biplane fighters of French origin in the fighting. Machines of this type were also among the victories of insurgent fighters.

Last Mohycan Blériot-SPAD 510

The Blériot-SPAD 510 was a partition type of fighter aircraft in several respects: it was the last biplane included in the armament of the French Air Force and also became the last type produced by the once famous Blériot factory. Although the French command bet on fighter monoplanes as early as the late 1920s, the extraordinary dexterity and climbability of the aircraft caused that even during the Munich crisis, the Fighter Spades formed the backbone of the French fighter aircraft.

SPAD VII versus Albatros D.III (2) - Gentlemen did not die out ...

I have assembled you to pay a posthumous tribute to Captain Guynemer. We are not standing here in front of his hearse or over his grave. At Poelcapelle, no remnants were found of his remnants, as if the sky, jealously guarding his hero, did not want to allow him to remain on earth what he himself claimed. Guynemer disappeared from us forever and completely, as if he had been abducted by miraculous forces into heaven, into the realm of glory ...




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