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SS - R. Smg. Reginaldo Giuliani (1939)

R.MSG Reginaldo Giuliani

- from 10.09.1943 UIT 23

Class: Liuzzi

Shipyard: Tosi, Taranto
Start of construction: 13.03.1939
Launched: 03.12.1939
Completed: 03.02.1940

This was captured by the Japanese and handed over to the German Kriegsmarine in Singapore after the capitulation of Italy on 09.09.1943. The Germans put her into service a day later under the designation UIT 23. It was destroyed by the British submarine HMS Tally-Ho in the Straits of Malacca at 04 ° 27'N, 100 ° 11'E on 14.02.1944. Only 14 crew members survived.

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