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Muničné vehicle

Muničné vehicle - MV is designed to zásobovanie delostreleckých systémov ShKH vz.2000 ZUZANA muníciou. Ide about špeciálne terénne expensive vehicle with a lorry platform equipped with a hydraulic arm. On plošine are in šiestich pallets after 20 kusov umiestnené projectiles and in šiestich pallets with rovnakou capacity propellant náplne. Štvornápravový podvozok so stálym pohonom všetkých kolies 8x8 allows rýchlu prevádzku on spevnených komunikáciách and very dobrú priechodnosť in the field.

Technical data of the vehicles

Krajina pôvodu: Slovakia
Pohotovostná hmotnosť: 18 500 kg
Užitočná hmotnosť: 12 000 kg
Dĺžka: 9,975 m
Beam: 2,57 m
Height: 3,60 m
Maximálna svetlá height zaťaženého vehicle: 0.4 m

Technical data of the engineand

Type: MAN D-2876 LF02 diesel
Displacement (cm cubic): 12 816
Maximálny power: 338 kW
Transmission: Allison HD-4560 PR.
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Ammunition vehicle MV ZUZANA is a special off-road vehicle that performs the role of a carrier of a roller platform with a tarpaulin and a hydraulic arm placed behind the platform for the transport of ammunition with a total load of 30 500 kg. It is adapted to tow a trailer up to a total weight of 16 000 kg. The four-axle chassis with permanent all-wheel drive enables fast operation on paved roads as well as good off-road passability. The chassis is equipped with a device that allows the air pressure in all tyres to be changed on the move.

Technické údaje.
Number of cylinders 6
Liquid cooling
Displacement 12 816 cm3
Maximum power 338 kW / 2 000 min-1
Maximum torque 2 000 Nm / 800 - 1 400 min-1
Electric shifting with gear selector
Number of gears 6 + 1
ADDITIONAL TRANSMISSION single-speed, descending
Electropneumatic shifting
axles pendulum semi-axles, independently sprung
2 front axles steered
FEATURING front and rear leaf feathers,
front with hydraulic shock absorbers
BRIDGES drum, double-circular, air-pressure, ABS
PNEUMATICS 15,00 - 21 158 GMP 914
CABIN two door, two seater, hinged, armoured,
safety glass with folding armoured blinds,
filter ventilation device and emergency lounger
Overall length 9 975 mm
Overall width 2 570 mm
Height over roller body with manipulator max. 3 600 mm
Ground clearance of full chassis min. 400 ± 15 mm
Gross vehicle weight 18 500 kg
Payload of complete vehicle 12 000 kg
Permissible weight on: front axles max. 2 x 7 000 kg
rear axles max. 2 x 8 500 kg
Max. towing force with the rope reeled in 120 kN
Rope length 85 m
Wading capability up to a maximum of 1 200 mm
Undercarriage overrun max. 2 000 mm
Max. Speed 85 km h-1

The chassis is capable of emergency travel at limited speed if any one wheel is destroyed.

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ZUZANA - Ammunition vehicle

The MV ZUZANA - Supply Vehicle is a modern means of providing ammunition transport for the artillery group of the Zuzana 155 mm self-propelled gun howitzer. The carrying capacity of the vehicle allows the transport of 120 grenades and cartridges stored in hermetically sealed containers. The hydraulic arm of the vehicle facilitates the handling of the containers. The vehicle's cabin installed on a four-axle chassis provides ballistic protection for the crew.
The loading platform allows the suspension and fixing of the side walls in a horizontal position. The handling platform thus formed is designed for the crew's work with ammunition. The vehicle is equipped with a radio station and an internal call device. The vehicle meets the requirements of EURO II and ADR (EX/II type of transport unit).

SVK - Zuzana MV -
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Ammunition vehicle for the Zuzana howitzer
SVK - Zuzana MV - Zuzana MV

Zuzana MV
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And in the summer, Zuzana MV looks like this!
SVK - Zuzana MV -

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V rozloženej polohe.
SVK - Zuzana MV -
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Unarmored version.
SVK - Zuzana MV -
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SVK - Zuzana MV -
SVK - Zuzana MV -
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