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Saturn AL-41F1S (Izdělije 117S)

Saturn AL-41F1S (Izdelie 117S)

Сатурн АЛ-41Ф1C (Изделие 117С)

Saturn AL-41F1S (Izdelie 117S) is an aircraft turboreaactive two-chamber engine generation 4 ++ with adjustable thrust vector, used to power the fighter aircraft Sukhoi Su-35S. This is a significant modernization of the engine AL-31FP, powered by aircraft design office Suchoj - Su-30 and Su-30MKI .

The thrust of the new engine was increased by 16% compared to the AL-31FP and reaches 176kN and the resource was even doubled to 4,000 hours. The advantage of the new engine is that its dimensions and mounting method are very similar to the original Al-31F and AL-31FP engine, thanks to which it is possible to mount the new engine in the entire range of Suchoj machines after a small modification of the engine nacelles Su-27/ Su-30.
advertising leaflet of the manufacturer from the exhibition MAKS 2015

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