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In the Spanish sky - SIAI Savoia Marchetti S.79 Sparviero

During the Spanish Civil War, the world 's public learned to fear bombers. The so-called terrorist raids, ie attacks aimed at the civilian population, were mainly associated with the actions of aircraft of the German Legion Condor. Even more active players in raids on urban agglomerations, however, were the Italians, who gained a dubious reputation through indiscriminate attacks by fast Savoia-Marchetti S.79 bombers stationed in Mallorca against ports on the Mediterranean coast.

In the Spanish sky - SIAI Savoia-Marchetti S.81 Pipistrello

Among the successful types of aircraft of the Spanish Civil War was the Italian bomber SIAI Savoia-Marchetti S.81 Pipistrello ( Bat ). It represented the most important Italian bombing structure of the mid-1930s, in the period before the advent of the new S.79 and Fiat BR.20. He intervened in the Italian campaign in Abyssinia and successfully in the fighting in civil war-torn Spain.



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