Šen-jang J-11

Shenyang J-11 - přehled verzí

shenyang J-11 - track version[/heading]
J-11 - license variant Su-27SK with the radar N001V and engines of the Russian production
J-11A - a variant with radar N-001VE capable of attacking multiple targets at once, the compatibility with the rockets R-77; 104? pcs J-11/J-11A
J-11B - unlicensed variant with a chinese radar KLJ-4, chinese avionics and engines WS-10A and the possibility of carrying weapons of chinese manufacture; 100+ pcs?
J-11BH - a variant for the chinese naval air force with increased anti-corrosion protection
J-11BS - licence-free analogue of the Su-27UBK, the two-seat trainer and combat aircraft with chinese avionics and engines; several dozen pieces
J-11BSH - a variant for the chinese naval air force with increased anti-corrosion protection
J-11D - radar AESA, larger pooužití composite materials; prototypes?
J-15 - a variant for the chinese naval air force for operation from aircraft carriers, derived from the Su-33; 21 pcs?
J-16 - licence-free analogue of the Su-30MKK derived from the J-11BS, two-seater combat aircraft; 24+ pcs
J-16D - perhaps the option for elektrnický fight, 1 prototype

Rupprecht, Andreas; Cooper, Tom. Modern Chinese Warplanes: Combat Aircraft and Units of the Chinese Air Force and Naval Aviation. Harpia Publishing, Philadelphia 2012. ISBN 0985455403.
URL : https://www.valka.cz/Sen-jang-J-11-t188065#546531 Version : 0
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