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Smaga, Tomasz

Lieutenant pilot engineer Tomasz SMAGA (03.01.1949, Ksieźomierz -16.01.1978, Mierzecice)

December 2, 1973 graduate of WOSL (Wyźsza Oficerska Szkoła Lotnicza)
Senior pilot of the 39th PLM OPK in Mierzecice, 2nd class pilot.
Flight: 433 h 20 min. na letounech TS-11 Iskra, MiG-15UTI a MiG-21.

He died during a night school flight at 10:30 pm, after the machine MiG-21U 1317, showed a serious defect. He catapulted, but there was a defect in the seat, it did not separate from it and the parachute did not open.

He is buried in Ksieźomierz Cemetery.

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Józef Zieliński (ed.) : Polskie lotnictwo wojskowe 1945-2010, Rozwój : Organizacja : Disaster lotnicze. Warszawa, Poland, 2011..
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