Sommerův zvláštní oddíl [1945-1945]

Special Section Sommer
Sonderkommando Sommer (Skdo. Sommer)
Sommerův zvláštní oddíl Special Section Sommer
Originální název:
Original Name:
Sonderkommando Sommer
Datum vzniku:
Zvláštní oddíl Štika Special Section Pike
Datum zániku:
- -
Nadřízené velitelství:
Higher Command:
28.02.1945-DD.05.1945 Udine, Flugplatz Udine-Campoformido /

DD.02.1945-DD.05.1945 Sommer, Erich (Oberleutnant)
28.02.1945-20.04.1945 Arado Ar 234 B-2N (W.Nr. 140344, T9+EH)
28.02.1945-11.04.1945 Arado Ar 234 B-2 (W.Nr. 140142, T9+DH)
28.02.1945-30.04.1945 Arado Ar 234 B-2 (W.Nr. 140153, T9+HH)
T9+DH - pilot Günther Gniesmer
T9+EH - pilot Erich Sommer
T9+HH - pilot Walter Arnold
Smith, J. R., Creek, E. J.: Blitz!: Germany's Arado Ar 234 Jet Bomber. Merriam Press, 1997. ISBN 9781576380079
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Sonderkommando Sommer[/heading]

A specific section of the Sommer was named after its commander oberleutnant Erich Sommer, respektovaném test pilot. The unit was allocated three aircraft
- Arado Ar 234 B-2N, W. Nr. 140344, hull number T9+EH - manned Erich Summer, armed with podvěsem with two 20mm cannons MG 151/20 and ammunition,
- Arado Ar 234 B-2, W.Nr. 140142, hull number T9+DH (originally SM+FB) - piloted by lieutenant Günther Gniesmerem,
- Arado Ar 234 B-2, W.Nr. 140153, hull number T9+HH (originally SM+FM) - manned staff šikovatelem Walter Arnold.

From the base of Campoformido was often these three aircraft deployed over northern Italy from airports: Verona-Villafranca, Osoppo and Lonate Pozzolo, where they used to be well hidden under the trees, often with fake wooden propellers from the engines. Sonderkommando Sommer has taken about twenty missions, the first mission took place on 15.03.1945 above the port Ancona and San Benedetto del Tronto and the coast of the Adriatic sea, about two days later, he was made a survey over the harbor Livorno, a Lot and the island of Elba. In the same month, the Sonderkommando Sommer once again taken the survey over the harbor in Ancona and livorno, italy and over Perugií. On 25.03.1945 por. Sommer personally undertook the first of two long-haul missions: from the base of Campoformido airport Lonate, where it refueled, and from there over the French ports, Toulon and Marseille. The second remote reconnaissance flight took place por. Sommer 27.03.1945 in Corsica, the island of Elba and on the way back through the port Livorno. On 29.03.1945 during takeoff from the airport Lonate was Arnold Arado hit and damaged in attack Spitfires, but the first combat loss occurred only in the afternoon on 11.04.1945, when Gniesmerův Arado took off from Lonate and was attacked and damaged over the southeast parts of the Bologna two Mustangs P-51 of 2. fighter squadron USAAF from 52. fighter group, which flew the por. Benjamin Even. Hall III and por. Francis Cooper. Gniesmer then, what with the engine the aircraft was in flames, jumped from planes and landed behind the German lines. During the jump he suffered a severe injury (a fracture of the cranial bones), as in the jump shot hit his head on the tail of the plane. Gniesmer was hospitalized in Padua, but he died of his wounds two days later. The damaged plane was slippery towards the valley of Comacchio and crashed about 16 km northwest from the village of Alfonsine. The second Arado T9+EH was destroyed at the base of the Campofornido on 20.04.1945 due to the failure of the opening of the chassis. Sommer the aircraft landed with only the landing gear extended nose landing gear, but due to the strong crosswinds this undercarriage leg collapsed and the aircraft crashed. The Pilot escaped unhurt, but the aircraft burst into flames and was completely destroyed.

Sommer flew the last mission 22. or 24.04.1945 above the river Fall with Arnoldvým aircraft T9+HH. With this plane he flew Arnold to Holzkirchenu in Bavaria after the fall of German forces in Italy, and there it was on 30.04.1945 blown up, fell into the hands of the Allies.

These jet reconnaissance aircraft were the Allies often wrongly identified as Messerschmitt Me-262.

Thacker, T. L.: My Life With The 52nd Fighter Group. ISBN 9781300081463
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