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Cars RA vz. 38

The experience of the first war showed that the development of aviation fundamentally changes the whole way of waging war. The ability to attack targets on the rear became a completely new factor. The questions of defence against air attacks and the elimination of their consequences began to be dealt with by military experts. In 1936, the MND initiated the development of an automobile capable of sanitizing roads affected by chemical warfare agents. Furthermore, this car was also to be used to spray combat poisoning agents.

Contemporary unarmored military equipment

The following text introduces the reader to the issue of unarmored military technology, which is a key part of military technology, as it ensures the daily operation of the army as well as the logistical dimension of conflicts. The text will describe the historical development, purpose, requirements and current trends of five main categories of unarmored vehicles, namely trucks, light and staff vehicles, motorcycles, artillery tractors and special types of vehicles.



France (FRA)

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Russia-Ukraine conflict

Russia-Ukraine conflict. Updated continuously.

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