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Strategic Missile Systems (range more than 1000 km)


Cruise Missiles

The term "cruising missiles" includes a range of weapons with variable parameters: from Chinese Silkworms (HY-2) with a range of less than 105 kilometers, to American flat-flying missiles of the latest generation capable of overcoming distances up to 3000 kilometers.

North Korea and its nuclear carriers

North Korea has started harassing weapons several times. This time, however, she went a little too far. In addition to declaring combat readiness to the rocket troops, it re-entered a state of war with its southern neighbors. In addition, the North Korean military received permission to strike the United States. But what options does Kim Jong-un and his army actually have?

SM-65 Atlas

The first US intercontinental ballistic missile. The symbol of US military strength during the Cold War was very close to use during the Cuban crisis.

SM-68 Titan

The first US intercontinental ballistic missile with two-stage propulsion.






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