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Strobach von Kleisberg, Josef

Strobach von Kleisberg
Given Name:
Jméno v originále:
Original Name:
Josef Strobach von Kleisberg
Fotografie či obrázek:
Photograph or Picture:
dvorní rada
Akademický či vědecký titul:
Academic or Scientific Title:
Šlechtický titul:
Hereditary Title:
svobodný pán
Datum, místo narození:
Date and Place of Birth:
03.12.1803 Nový Bor
Datum, místo úmrtí:
Date and Place of Decease:
22.01.1890 Vídeň
Nejvýznamnější funkce:
(maximálně tři)
Most Important Appointments:
(up to three)
policejní ředitel ve Vídni
Jiné významné skutečnosti:
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Other Notable Facts:
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Joseph free lord Strobach von Kleisberg was born 3. December 1803 in Nový Bor. In Prague he studied law and in 1927 he joined the general police headquarters in Venice. Followed by a service at the top komisariátech in Vicenza and Verona, then return to Venice to the general directorate and subsequently service in the office of the viceroy Rainer in Milan. In 1834 he was appointed police podkomisařem, in 1841, secretary and 1848 adjunct in the general directorate of police. In 1848 in Venice before the revolutionaries protect the police files and subsequently assisted in the pacification of lombardy-directorate-venetian kingdom with the court commissioner, who arrived from Vienna. In addition to the performance of the police profession thought to private affairs. He married the daughter of the milan government council, with whom he had one daughter and two sons.

Because in difficult times and situations proved, could continue in a successful career. In 1850 a board at the prague police headquarters and after two years was entrusted by the police directorate in Ljubljana, and he was also appointed as the government council. Recognition was also award the knight's cross of the Order of Franz Josef. In 1855 he became chief of police in Linz and in 1858 in Milan. In this feature proved useful during military operations in the following year. No wonder, then, that he was in 1860 appointed to the court of the council and the chief of police in Vienna.

In the context of reforms of the functioning of the state administration becomes more efficient running of his office. During the flood of 1862 energetically directed the rescue operation and in the parlous 1866 managed to skillfully keep the peace, for which he received the Order of Leopoldův and promotion to knighthood. In the following year he visited the world exhibition in Paris. On this occasion he studied the organization, activities and legal standards relating to the Urban seržantského corps. After returning to Vienna as his model founded the Security guard. I even set up a Police criminal investigation corps, but the end of his police career approached. In 1867 he became minister of the interior Karl Giskra, who next to Vienna called Anton von Le Monniera, who was appointed Strobachovým representative and de facto presumed successor. To exchange then occurred in 1870, when the Strobach he retired, and was elevated to the status of single man..
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