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Stručný postup, jak se tu zaregistrovat a začít psát

A brief procedure on how to register here and start writing

If you want to ask, add information or become the author of articles and get involved in the daily running, or use the full potential of this site, we enclose a brief guide on how to do it.

1) you need to register. Registration is free and fast, all you need is a valid and functional email address, choose a name and password. More on this topic: Registration and first login

2) sign up

3) find the appropriate section where you want to place your post. Either as a response to an existing topic or as a new topic. Here are tips on Orientation on this site and How to start the first topic

4) don't forget to set up your profile to receive notifications about replies to your posts and topics: Edit profile

5) follow the instructions and advice of "senior" users and moderators to maintain a functional, clear and pleasant environment Smile
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