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Sub-machine guns


A small KRISS submachine gun after three years

In 2007, the American company TDI ( Transformational Defense Industry, Inc. ) presented a new small KrissVector SMG submachine gun at the Shot Show. This revolutionary weapon uses several revolutionary design solutions, thanks to which it has acquired extraordinary properties. Let's summarize briefly - just for refreshment - these solutions and their effects.

Father of submachine guns Scorpio Miroslav Rybář (* 12. 3. 1924, † 6. 12. 1970)

Miroslav Rybář was born in Brno-Žabovřesky on March 12, 1924 to relatively young parents ( * 1893 ). And he wasn't the only one, but he still had an eight year younger sister. The family is said to have excelled in longevity, which unfortunately did not manifest itself in him: both parents survived him by a full 10 years. After finishing compulsory schooling, Rybář continued his studies at the Higher Industrial School of Mechanical Engineering in Brno, where he graduated in 1943. He worked here until the liberation of Czechoslovakia, after 1945 he began working as a tool designer. How he got to the weapons is not entirely clear, but he probably worked with Václav Holek for some time and he became interested in weapons. In 1948, he finally switched to weapons construction.

Hybrid automation system

In the last 60 years or so, two automation propulsion systems have firmly anchored the interest of long automatic weapon designers, both using the pressure of the gases discharged behind the projectile from the bore of the barrel, one with a gas piston and piston rod and the other without piston and piston rod, only with gas tube. They are certainly the most widespread today and other solutions occur only very sporadically. Recently, however, she has stirred up the calm surface of this traditional pond with information about the new system, which is actually a hybrid of the two previous ones. Extensive information about him was provided by the German magazine DWJ 10/2011 in an article Zweigleisig by A. Seremek, who evaluated all systems. Here they are freely presented and only here and there slightly supplemented by his opinions.

Ing. Jaroslav Holeček and his submachine guns vz. 23/25 and 24/26 - Part 2

Another of Holeček's revolutionary ideas was an automatic mortar of 55 mm caliber with a pre-sliding barrel, which was to weigh only 36 kg with two full magazines of six mines and have a cadence of 160 rounds per min. There was nothing like that in the world then. However, when he submitted his proposals to the leadership, he was told to look for ammunition and not get involved in other things. He also dealt with the idea of a unified hydraulic breech kit for various infantry weapons, designed with the maximum number of replaceable parts so that after their simple replacement to suit for submachine guns, rifles and light and heavy machine guns. He wanted to apply a similar kit in automatic mortars with cadence, reaching the cadence of a rocket launcher, but with significantly cheaper ammunition.

LM vz. 58 Sa - vz. 58 without a firearms license

Submachine gun vz. 58 represents a weapon with which the vast majority of the current middle-aged Czech male population served the war. Many retired soldiers also remember her with nostalgia; but those who have never held it in their hand are also interested in it. What's more, there are still plenty of these weapons in our territory; they can be purchased relatively cheaply, even without the need for a firearms license.

Maschinenpistole 43

This classic assault rifle, which was given the name Sturmgewehr 44 better known to us from Hitler, also served to inspire Mikhail Kalashnikov in the production of the legendary AK-74.

MP 40

Classic World War II submachine gun MP 40, also popularly called "schmeisser". But did this submachine gun have anything to do with the announced weapon inventor, Hugo Schmeisser?

New weapons for the Czech army Part III

According to the second contract from March 2010, CZUB is to supply in 2010-2011 the Ministry of Defense of the Czech Republic also 572 fully automatic CZ SCORPION EVO 3 AI weapons for 9 x 19 mm ammunition - submachine guns (which CZUB refers to as PDW weapons) intended for the Castle Guard. 7.65mm submachine gun vz. 61 Scorpio, of course with accessories and ammunition.
The contract was awarded directly by CZUB by a government decision from autumn 2008 - surprisingly without publication.



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