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  • ... an example and inspiration remained - the submarine HMS Upholder

    History of HMS Upholder - the most successful British submarine of World War II.

  • Charles Herbert Lightoller

    Biography of the 2nd deck officer of RMS Titanic - the only senior officer who survived his destruction and participant in both world wars.

  • History of the battleship HMS "Prince of Wales"

    The fate of a battleship that took part in the hunt for Bismarck and whose tragic fate came true off the coast of Malaysia.

  • History of ORP Dzik

    Successful Polish submarine from World War II. One of the so-called The Terrible Twins.

  • History of ORP Gryf

    The fate of the Polish minesweeper ORP "Gryf".

  • History of ORP Orzeł

    Monograph of a legendary Polish submarine from the period of World War II.

  • History of ORP Sęp

    History of the Polish submarine ORP Sęp.

  • History of ORP Wilk

    History of the Polish submarine from World War II.

  • History of ORP Żbik

    When the modern Polish Navy was formed in the 1920s, it was decided that submarines should be part of it. In 1924, Polish staff specialists developed requirements for the technical parameters of future vessels.

  • Jahagi

    Japanese light cruiser, sunk with the battleship Yamato on May 7, 1945.

  • Komandor Eugeniusz Józef Stanisław Pławski

    Legendary Polish commander, officer on destroyers and submarines and also a military pilot.

  • Commander Lieutenant Tadeusz Gorazdowski

    Commander of four destroyers under the Polish flag in World War II.

  • Royal Order of the Sword

    Kungliga Svärdsorden - Swedish order, originally awarded to officers for bravery and particularly long or useful service in peace and during the war. Later, it became more or less mandatory for officers who served a fixed term.

  • Long Spear Carriers - Kagero class destroyers

    History and description of one of the most successful types of Japanese destroyers of World War II.

  • Operation Beijing

    A sailor patrolling the bridge of the destroyer ORP "Błyskawica", noticed. Several flags flew onto the mast of a nearby signal tower in the war port of Oksywie and fluttered in the light wind. The sailor looked at the flags once more and, in a calm voice, alerted the officer on duty. Within minutes, Commander Lieutenant Roman Stankiewicz , commander of the Polish Navy Destroyer Division, knew that the signal was announcing "Wykonać Peking" ( to carry out Peking ), one of a pair of orders he had been expecting for several days, but he secretly hoped they would never come. .

  • ORP Nieuchwytny

    Monograph of a Polish river armed boat that intervened in the fighting of World War II, including the Warsaw Uprising.

  • ORP Ryś - the first Polish submarine

    History of the first submarine II.RP

  • Scary twin - submarine ORP Sokół

    History of ORP "Sokół" - the most successful Polish submarine of World War II

  • USS Hoel (DD-533)

    History of the Fletcher class destroyer, sunk during the Battle of Leyte Bay

  • USS Oriskany (CV-34)

    The history of this aircraft carrier began to be written at a time when World War II raged in full force. Her keel was laid at the Brooklyn Naval ShipYard in New York on May 1, 1944, and was to become another ship of the successful "Essex" class. It became successful, but not in World War II.

  • USS Samuel B. Roberts (DE-413)

    History of an escort destroyer sunk during the Battle of Leyte Bay.

  • USS Yorktown

    History of the famous aircraft carrier, fighting in decisive battles in the Coral Sea and in Midway

  • Vas's royal order

    Swedish order, awarded to Swedish citizens (but also to foreigners) for services to the homeland, especially in the fields of agriculture, mining, trade, industry, crafts, education and public service.

  • In the waves near Helu ...

    The Battle of Gdansk Bay and the end of Operation Rurka.

  • For Homeland and County - Heavy Cruiser HMS Dorsetshire

    History of the heavy cruiser HMS Dorsetshire - one of the winners over Bismarck.


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Seriál "Stíhači v boji II"

Seriál "Letadlová loď Enterprise"

Seriál "Stíhači v boji"

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