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  • Battle of Cologne in the context of the Prussian-Austrian wars in the mid-18th century

    The battle took place during the so-called Seven Years' War, near the village of Křečhoř, but it went down in history as the Battle of Kolín. Although it has not been able to decide the outcome of the whole conflict, its significance is indisputable. This was the first heavy blow to the expansionist policies of Frederick II. Prussian and at the same time marked a turning point in the Prussian-Austrian war, in which Austria had been pulling for a shorter end. In addition, it has been shown here more than anywhere else that the decisive factor may not only be many years of experience, but above all the personal courage and heroism of individual soldiers, although "they would not have grown their mustache yet" ....

  • Czechoslovak saber vz.24

    Saber model 24 and its variants used by the armed forces of the 1st Republic

  • Uniform sabers in the armament of the Austrian cavalry since the middle of the 19th century

    By the middle of the 19th century, the cavalry of the Habsburg monarchy was armed with several models of cold weapons. Weapons differed not only between different types of cavalry, but also between ranks, even between officers. This fact brought with it several problems, which led the high command of the Austrian army to unify the armament of the cavalry and the introduction of the so-called uniform cavalry saber, which was to be armed without distinction of all cavalry components.

  • Medal of Bravery - Der Tapferkeitmedaile

    Although ordinary soldiers always made the greatest sacrifices on the battlefield, and many of them overshadowed many officers with their heroism, for a long time there was no award that could visibly reward their actions. It was not until 1789 that Emperor Joseph II founded. A commemorative and honorary medal, which very quickly became extremely esteemed both among the team and among the officers ...

  • Militär-Jubiläumskreuz 1908

    Military Jubilee Cross 1908, Austro-Hungarian awards

  • Nové Zámky Fortress

    After the occupation of Esztergom by the Turks in 1543, the need arose to build a fortress from which it would be possible to defend the Nitra valley against the ever-advancing Turkish troops. That is why the Archbishop of Esztergom, Pavol Várday, had a temporary fortress built on the left bank of the Nitra River, on the site of the destroyed village of Ňárhíd (Leku), fortified with clay ramparts and wooden palisades ...

  • Helmet M16

    During World War I, the leather Pickelhaube proved to be completely unsuitable for trench warfare. They were too expensive, they resisted the difficult conditions in the trenches and, most importantly, they provided the soldiers with practically no protection, which was the cause of a huge number of head injuries. Therefore, better protection of soldiers began to be considered.

  • Helmet M17

    New combat tactics and high losses forced the command of the Austro-Hungarian army to introduce a steel helmet for all units. In addition to the ongoing domestic production of Berndorfer helmets, huge quantities of M17 helmets were also ordered from Germany.

  • Austrian infantry saber model 1861

    Origin, development, modifications and variants of this most famous Austro-Hungarian saber.

  • Austrian Emperor Charles I

    Charles I or Karl I was Emperor of Austria, King of Hungary, King of Croatia, King of Bohemia, and the last of the monarchs belonging to the House of Habsburg-Lorraine to rule over Austria-Hungary.
    He made secret attempts to negotiate Austria-Hungary's exit from the First World War but was unsuccessful. Despite Charles's efforts to preserve the empire by transforming it into a federal union, Austria-Hungary hurtled towards disintegration: Czechoslovakia and the State of Slovenes, Croats and Serbs were proclaimed, and Hungary broke monarchic ties to Austria by the end of October 1918. Following the Armistice of 11 November 1918, Charles "renounced participation" in state affairs, but did not abdicate. The Republic of German-Austria was proclaimed the following day, and in April 1919 he was formally dethroned by the Austrian Parliament and exiled to Switzerland.

  • Sabers of the period of the Slovak state

    A brief overview

  • SG 84/98

    The most famous German bayonet.


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