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Terrorism and Piracy

Lists of terrorist attacks, piracy and counter-piracy operations and political decisions


Al-Aqsa Intifada

Events in the Middle East from the Camp David summit in July 2000 to the February 2001 presidential election.

Allah's party in Lebanon or when the community replaces the state

A portrait of Hasan Nasrallah is seated in the salon of Muhammad Mahdi Barru, the smiling owner of the " best " patisserie in al-Asahira, Baalbek. A charismatic leader of Hezbollah, a Shiite idol and a hero of the " anti-Zionist front " in the eyes of many Arabs, including Sunnis. Muhammad is not an activist of the " Allah Party ". However, he supports it " unconditionally ".

Amnesty International goes to terrorists

Amnesty International (AI) is known for its human rights activities. However, in connection with the Middle East events, only the State of Israel takes its toll and continues to campaign unprofessionally against Israel. The last time she became sadly known was the anti-Israel attacks during the war between Israel and Hamas in late 2012, which was named the "Pillar Defense".

Anti-Israel obsession

Holy Land. No other area is in such a furious conflict, no other state than Israel is so denied the right to life and existence. No other country faces such fierce and irreconcilable hatred from the left. Can this hatred be understood at all? Its core can be found in the UN and its various sub-organizations, universities and Muslim and communist countries.

Arafat, PLO, Israel and peace?

The article maps the main attempts and contradictions of the Middle East peace process until 1994. Later events are devoted to the article "Al-Aqsa Intifada".

Dog a friend or foe

Admirably loyal friends and often comrades-in-arms. I delved into this topic a bit and learned a lot at Already in the beginning of American history, in the 18th century, during the revolutionary initiatives of pioneers to get rid of the British colonial yoke, they made great use of the assistance of four-legged allies to sniff and successfully bite into unloved redcoats and then in other wars ...


In today's world, the word fundamentalism is synonymous with something very negative. Just calling someone a fundamentalist puts a person or movement in the category of dangerous people and groups ...

Global terrorism

Global terrorism, its forms and effectiveness in international politics. Case study of the Islamic cultural circle.
Islam, Muslim, Mohammedan, most people automatically associate these concepts with terrorism and the status of suicide bombers. When a bomb explodes somewhere in the world, a Pakistani person usually does not appear in the media, or an Afghan man is detonated, but a Muslim committed a terrorist act. Religious affiliation is above nationality here. The media, today considered the sixth power to determine public opinion, generalizes and writes about the Islamic States and their individual protests as the Muslim struggle against Western civilization, or culture. In the Western world, the terms Muslim and terrorist, Muslim and Arab, Arab and terrorist are beginning to be identified, especially among the general public. Is that really so?

Global terrorism - 1. Islam

Continuation of the article Global terrorism, its forms and effectiveness in international politics - A case study of the Islamic cultural circle.
Looking at the world map, we find that a substantial part of the countries of the so-called third world are countries with Islamic culture. Many of these countries are religious states. There are opinions among experts that religious states do not belong to the twenty-first century. Religious states are, after all, the domain of the Middle Ages, and there their history was supposed to end ...

Global terrorism - 2. Conflict of cultures, West versus Islam

Continuation of the article Global terrorism, its forms and effectiveness in international politics - A case study of the Islamic cultural circle.
As long as Islam remains Islam ( which is certain) and the West ( which is less certain ) the West, the relations between the two civilizations will be determined by this fundamental dispute, as they have been determined by fourteen centuries. This development is partly connected with the opposition between sacral and secular values, partly with the historical rivalry between Christianity and Islam, partly with the jealous nature of Western power, partly with the hostility caused by Western dominance in the post-colonial political order of the Middle East and partly with bitterness, which makes an unfavorable comparison of the individual achievements of Islamic and Western civilization in the last two centuries.

Global terrorism - 3. Suicide Attack, Part 1

Continuation of the article Global terrorism, its forms and effectiveness in international politics - A case study of the Islamic cultural circle.
Defining suicide terrorism is very complicated. There are countless authors and countless definitions. Definition of terror, terrorist first appeared during the French Revolution to refer to those who used terror on behalf of the state. On the contrary, in the 19th century, Russian and French anarchists fighting against the state were so proudly called themselves. Nazi Germany during World War II described members of the resistance movement in this way. So who is actually a terrorist. One who uses violence on behalf of or against the state?

Global terrorism - 3. Suicide Attack, Part 2

Continuation of the article Global terrorism, its forms and effectiveness in international politics - A case study of the Islamic cultural circle.
The suicide bombing, as a form of global terrorism, has found its irreplaceable place in recent decades among the means of coercion that serve as a way for terrorists to achieve political goals.

Global terrorism - Conclusion

Continuation of the article Global terrorism, its forms and effectiveness in international politics - A case study of the Islamic cultural circle.
Islam, a monotheistic religion that grew on the same foundations as Christianity and Judaism, is seen as a new, reformed form of a single correct religion. Islam does not deny the authority of Christianity. He only claims that people have gradually changed, distorted and corrupted this teaching, so God sent people one more, last holy book, the Qur'an.

Global terrorism - Introduction

Global terrorism, its forms and effectiveness in international politics - A case study of the Islamic cultural circle.
The aim of the diploma thesis is based on the analysis of the system of Islamic teaching to assess the extent to which in Islam there are preconditions for the development of the phenomenon of suicide bombers. Evaluate the suicide bombing and evaluate the assumptions of its origin in the principles of Islam.

Hammer on pirates

While light boats with commandos were cutting through the sea waves at maximum speed, a Lynx helicopter unexpectedly appeared in the sky. Armed to the teeth, soldiers penetrated aboard the Korean merchant ship Sambo Jewelry from water and air. The fierce and precisely aimed fire literally nailed the kidnapper to the ground. The battle for the hijacked ship was decided within minutes. Twenty-one men of the crew were liberated. Only the captain of the hijacked ship suffered injuries. But not deadly. The kidnappers shot him in the stomach area.

How to win the war with jihad

Islamist terrorism alone will not be defeated by force. That struggle requires reason and also patience. However, we foreigners in the world of Islam will not win it, but it is a task for the Muslims themselves. Sure. It won't be tomorrow, not even in a year. It will take a long time. The " war on terror " in Afghanistan and Iraq is going differently than its clients seem to have wished. But what has begun should be completed. Despite all the doubts and criticisms, the West has not completely lost the opportunity to help Muslims and their world get rid of extremists.

International terrorism and all kinds of issues

On September 10, 2001, almost no one in America knew anything about Islam.
On September 12, 2001, almost everyone seemed to know everything. The catastrophe that has just passed becomes the parent of instant certainties, beliefs about one's own truths.
But the questions remain - is the trend towards a global caliphate, according to the ideas and ambitions of the most forged Islamists, or is there still an optimistic belief in the ideal of Western liberal democracy?

Islamist Nazism

Palestinian terrorism and the Shiite "insurgency" in Iraq have about as much in common with the struggle for freedom of the Palestinian and Iraqi people as SS extermination Sonderkommando had with the liberation of the Russians from the Stalinist yoke. Taking hostages from civilians who came to Iraq to help and other atrocities of Islamist terrorists are not the only coincidence. In addition to these practices, there are ideological similarities between the teachings of fanatical Islamic clerics such as Yassin and Muktada Sadr and Nazism.

Israeli operation in the Janin refugee camp

The operation in Janin, together with the case of Muhammad Dura, became a symbol of tragic anti-Israel disinformation during II. intifada, spread by the world media, NGOs and the UN. The newspaper operation was dubbed "Janingrad" and was intended to give the idea that Israel was committing the same atrocities and inhumanity on the Palestinians as the Nazi troops in Stalingrad.

Less freedom, more hatred

The illusion of a global consensus on the universality of human rights has lost its luster. The rich world puts civil and political rights at the forefront, poorer countries claim that economic, social and cultural rights are more valuable. The controversy intensifies and the hope for a reasonable compromise is shattered by the obsession of the countries of the Muslim world. Islam does not want to accept the existence of Israel. The first disturbing signal was sent by the Durban Conference against Racism, Intolerance and Xenophobia in 2003. Since then, it has only gone for the worse.

Massacre of children in Nigeria

A horrific incident occurred in Nigeria over the weekend - unknown gunmen stormed a high school in the north-east of the country and murdered at least 22, but possibly as many as 42 children and their English teachers. They brought canisters of gasoline and explosives and set fire to a school in Mamudo.

Messages from Damascus

They called him a "faceless terrorist." Before Osama ibn Ladin claimed responsibility for the September 11, 2001 assassination, the US secret services judged that he, Imad Mughniya, was to blame. Until then, he held the lead in the number of Americans killed in Islamist assassinations around the world. On Tuesday, February 12, his earthly pilgrimage, followed by a great speck of human blood, ended. Whatever one treats, one also lacks. In Damascus, he was killed by a bomb blast located in his off-road Mitsubishi.

Piracy is flourishing

We are quite full of such a label - we will turn rude drivers into road pirates, from Viktor Koลพenรฝ the pirate a cheater, the financial grandmaster. Unauthorized copying of books, music records, movies, imitations of all kinds of goods with a fake sign of world fashion houses, after which we occasionally watch a documentary recording of a bulldozer crushing and burying a mountain of glittering wristwatches, underwater rolexes. The activity may be profitable, but essentially bloodless. According to the classical definition, however, piracy is only " an act of violence in international waters by a private vessel against another vessel for the purpose of looting (animus furandi) ". Piracy was the first to be declared an international crime (the second was slavery ), its operators became " outcasts, outlaws of humanity " and could be judged by any country. I Mongolia, Nepal, Czech Republic, any land state.

Piracy is flourishing even more

I return to the subject of activity, by the classical definition expressed as ' an act of violence in international waters by a private vessel against another vessel for the purpose of magnifying glass (animus furandi) '. Piracy was the first to be declared an international crime, its operators " outcasts, outlaws of humanity " and could be condemned by any state. Thus, even the Czech Republic, so terrestrial, albeit on the Elbe, let alone Neลพรกrka, will not be ruled by corsaires, individuals with a black plaster on a plucked eye, staggering with one wooden leg.

Pirates and their less than optimistic prospects

It's not an extinction yet, the pirates are not wading in schooners, where a black banner with a skull and crossbones would flare on the mast. They have been modernized, equipped with automatic weapons, mortars and anti-tank cannons. They often have better radars and more horsepower under deck than their potential pursuers ...

Red Terror

A few sentences about the bloodbath that the Bolsheviks dragged the peoples of the Soviet Union.

Strange circumstances of the birth of al-Qaeda

Al Qaeda, an amorphous organization, or rather just a unit without an address, with supposedly the highest principal Osama bin Laden remaining somewhere in the burrow on the Afghan-Pakistani border, has proven its devastating impact many times. When and where did it actually start?


Every religion - and Islam, because of its boundless adherence to old values and the lack of a democratic tradition in the area in which it occurs, in particular - can be misused to promote certain political goals and to defend the inhumane ways in which they are achieved, including cold-blooded murder ...


The problem is growing and becoming more brutal, but the chances of catching terrorists and bringing them to justice are slim. Its tentacles encircle the globe. Here is an overview of 800 terrorist organizations from 88 countries. The names of the organization are taken from the English original.

Terrorism - AFRICA

Continuation of an overview of terrorist groups from around the world, this time focused on African countries.

Terrorism - how much is it and what about it

There is no day without news of the scourge of international terrorism, but at the same time we have been reading for many years that the probability of being hit by some explosive fanatic is less than slipping in your own bathtub at home and bruising properly. So what do you expect to find your way around in data, detailed statistics of governmental and non-governmental organizations?

Terrorism: Decline or Rebirth?

Al Qaeda vs. Al Qaeda. War of bosses and quarrels of tendencies. An image of the current state of the main base of Islamist terrorism. Is it the result of successful intoxication by the Western secret services or a reflection of the natural fission that will sooner or later affect every extremist movement?

Terrorist on his own

Don't think they're fundamentally different from you and me. I admit that it's hard for me to say. It's easier to think that furious young Islamists are crazy psychopaths. Or sexually frustrated young men. With brainwashed fanatical imams in dark madrasas. But if we just relax a little in prejudices and myths, there is someone who is used to us. Marc Sageman, an American terrorism expert, offers a much more prosaic solution. Terrorism is a disease that begins with quite natural human emotions. It is spread by " little brother ".

The conflict in Northern Ireland in a cultural-historical context

The work aims to get acquainted with the situation in Northern Ireland. It maps the historical causes of the conflict and its development through the key events of the 20th century to the present. Each chapter looks at the conflict from a different perspective, whether political, diplomatic or cultural, which is important for understanding the conflict itself.
Chapters devoted to culture and society deal with the response to the conflict at the level of the average citizen and his ability to participate in the peace process through his own efforts.
In the last part, which deals with recent developments, the work provides information on outbreaks of disputes, which are repeated every year and summarizes the various points that need special attention in the future.

The conflict in Northern Ireland in a cultural-historical context: 3 Introduction

Northern Ireland has been the scene of many battles and wars for over 800 years. We can characterize it as a multicultural society, where the citizens of the Catholic and Protestant faiths predominate. Until the declaration of independence of the southern part of the island, the Republic of Ireland, after the Easter Rising of 1921, the situation was relatively calm.

The conflict in Northern Ireland in a cultural-historical context: 4 History of the conflict and its causes

Ireland and the United Kingdom - two islands whose northern parts have always inevitably affected each other and caused many misunderstandings. The origins of the conflict in Northern Ireland date back to the 12th century, when England was conquered by the Normans and, at the request of the ruler of the Kingdom of Ireland in Leinster Murchad, in 1167, landed on the Irish coast, disrupting millennial Celtic development. Although their population grew throughout Ireland, they controlled only a small part of Dublin, at the time called "The Pale". In the following centuries, settlers from Normandy and neighboring England came to Ireland. Some quickly assimilated into Irish culture, others still turned to England, where they saw security and safety.

The conflict in Northern Ireland in a cultural-historical context: 5 Cultural and political background

To understand the situation in Northern Ireland, it is important to familiarize yourself with the facts that preceded or are a direct part of the conflict. The conflict in Northern Ireland is considered to be an ethnic conflict mainly because of the different religious societies living here and their different cultures and orientations, but even this designation is ambiguous.

The conflict in Northern Ireland in a cultural-historical context: 6 The peace process

The last straw and at the same time a significant turn in the history of the conflict in Northern Ireland was marked by the 1970s, when the era of the "bloody decade" called "The Troubles" came. These years did not only mean violent attacks and bombings, but also the years of the first attempts in a series of negotiations and efforts to calm and peacefully resolve the situation. The final interim solution - the Belfast Agreement - was preceded by almost 30 years of fighting and failed peace attempts. In those 30 years, 3,636 people have been killed and another 36,000 have been injured by the spread of the conflict beyond Ireland's borders to British soil and beyond.

The conflict in Northern Ireland in a cultural-historical context: 7 Involvement of other countries in the conflict

In essence, the Irish conflict was a dispute over 150 years of history. As early as 1860, there were intricate political networks of Irish Republicans leading to Ireland, Britain, Australia and the United States. Assistance from other states has therefore gone through the whole conflict, to a greater or lesser extent. In addition to the occasional arms smuggling for the IRA from the Middle East, Europe and the United States, the United States in particular has joined the peace process, and later, from a political and economic point of view, the European Union.

The exchange between Israel and Hezbollah was organized by a mysterious German intelligence officer

Israel has been negotiating with the Hamas terrorist movement for three years to release the soldier Gilad Shalit, whom he abducted. Negotiations are complicated, secret, rarely anything penetrates the public. It was recently supposed to be transported to Egypt as a "neutral state" and then exchanged for a group of Palestinian terrorists imprisoned in Israel.

The ostrich our model, or the policy of appeasement, is here again

Perhaps everyone with internet access has been acquainted more than once with footage of British streets, with demonstrating Muslim youth, with posters DEATH DEMOCRACY, KILLING EVERYONE INSULATES ISLAM, THE CALIFATE WILL WIN IN EUROPE - too many, no less threatening demands. The police idle to guarantee freedom of speech to her stubborn enemies.

The powerlessness of the powerful

If you read that headline like "Too Powerless," nothing happens. This also happens to me sometimes when the eyes run so fast that the brain interprets the text according to an experienced template. Havel's world-famous text describes a certain reality of the world, where the so-called powerless can do almost anything. However, the above-mentioned headline on "helplessness of the powerful" occurred to me after the conference: "Current Trends and Future of Global Jihad: Why Should We Fight the Islamic State?", Organized by the Center for Transatlantic Relations at the CEVRO Institute in Prague.

The problem of piracy in Somalia Part 1. - The problem of piracy in Somalia

The phenomenon of Somali piracy in recent years is receiving considerable attention in the world media. In its essence, it is a phenomenon truly unprecedented. I consider as unique the method of its solution on the international level, and ultimately the foreign policy role of the European Union as a leading actor of the current global crisis management. Let's zoom in now to the problem of Somali piracy in context.

The search for moderate Muslims

Our enemy is not Islam, but the fanatics who adopt this completely peaceful religious faith, usurping, and that it is therefore necessary to support forces that oppose such destructive efforts. After the exploding events in London, Madrid, on the island of Bali ( many corpses ), in Denmark ( several cartoons ), such a belief does not fade. There are more books, scientists, analysts, theorists, forecasters, recipes with an optimistic premise that while the problem is radical Islam, the solution is moderate Islam. But where to look for him in the monotheistic dogma that the source of all truth is Allah and his messenger Muhammad, and that the goal of this one truth must be pursued with all our might?

The tragic failure of Amnesty International

After World War II, in which freedom was expensively redeemed, losses were counted: the war cost 55 million people and the Jews in Europe were almost exterminated. This was a strong impetus for the creation of the UN and many humanitarian organizations, which set themselves the task of not repeating the horrors of war and genocide and preventing wars. However, the war conflicts in the world did not cease, the swords did not turn into blades. The Middle East is at the center of events, where huge oil fields have been discovered. In 1948, the State of Israel was established, which was immediately invaded by the surrounding Arab countries, whose goal was to destroy an independent Jewish state from the very beginning, although its existence was guaranteed by world powers.

Training strategies of Islamist terrorists

Global Islamist terrorism has undergone a dizzying development since the start of the War on Terror after the attacks in 2001. Al Qaeda has transformed from a hierarchical grouping with territorial bases into a decentralized organization linked only by an ideological framework, moreover, without a link to specific territorial bases. The article examines the genesis of ways of preparing Islamist terrorists after September 2001.

USA: Thinking about possible disasters

Even the most stubborn critics of George W. Bush have difficulty denying him the fact that after the catastrophe of September 11, 2001, nothing like that happened on American soil - unlike the explosive state of affairs in London or Madrid. The desired result was undoubtedly due to measures vehemently cursed by human rights defenders at any destructive cost. Thanks to legal measures - especially the Patriot Act, for example to make it easier to eavesdrop on our enemies - Islamic fundamentalists have not marched much here yet.
But the new President Barack Hussein Obama has guaranteed us several times during a successful election campaign that he will destroy those successful innovations and by not only improving America's reputation in the world, but also contributing to its security ....



Terrorist groups

Terrorist actions



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