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Terrorist actions


Lone wolf terrorism - attacks in Oslo

Although the terrorist attacks in Oslo shocked the whole world, terrorism perpetrated by individuals, so-called " lone wolves ", is not a completely unknown phenomenon. The following article outlines this issue against the background of the tragic events in Norway.


Every religion - and Islam, because of its boundless adherence to old values and the lack of a democratic tradition in the area in which it occurs, in particular - can be misused to promote certain political goals and to defend the inhumane ways in which they are achieved, including cold-blooded murder ...

The impact of Chechen terrorism on Russian counter - terrorism policy and its real applications

The aim of this work is to be a relevant commentary on the relationship between the phenomenon of Chechen terrorism and the form or orientation of the counter-terrorism policy of the Russian Federation. Since it is relatively easy to recognize the causal aspects of these relationships at the general level of knowledge of the area, the authors did not try to test hypotheses based on the mentioned causality, but rather specified the interpretation of their structural and immediate causes.




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