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Thirty Years' War [1618-1648]


Albrecht von Wallenstein

Some of the citizens know where the upper chamber of the Parliament of the Czech Republic, ie the Senate, sits, in the Wallenstein Palace. This beautiful Mannerist building was created by an important military leader and figure of the Thirty Years' War (lasted in the years 1618–1648) - Albrecht of Wallenstein.

Army of Louis XIV. - part 1

Louis XIV he was the most powerful ruler of his time. In order to achieve this position, he had to build a magnificent army that surpassed any other military force in number and training. However, the beginnings were quite rough ...

Battle of Jankov March 6, 1645

In addition to the Battle of Bílá Hora, this is the most important combat action of the Thirty Years' War in Czech territory, and even this battle did not turn out well for "our colors". That is why this conflict was not commemorated during Austria, and even after the establishment of the Czechoslovak Republic, historians did not pay much attention to it. On the contrary, the Swedes consider it their greatest victory during this whole long war.

Battle of White Mountain (8th November 1620)

As part of the final settlement with the rebellious Czech states and the Czech King Henry Frederick (Hereditary Prince of the Palatinate) elected by them, two enemy armies entered Bohemia in the autumn of 1620.

Bílá hora 1620

One of the most famous battles in our history. A small skirmish on a hill near Prague with great consequences for the development of Central Europe.

Gustav II. Adolf and his contribution to military art - Part I

Gustav II. Adolf, nicknamed * " Gustav the Great " *, * " Lion of the North " *, * " Golden King " *, * " Gösta " * or * " Father of Modern Struggle " *, was a Swedish king in the early 17th century who proved Sweden reformed in such a way that during his reign it became one of the key first-order powers and retained this position until the beginning of the 18th century. Person Gustav II. Adolf is very important especially in the field of military and strategy, because his military reforms influenced the development of military art for the next few centuries and some of them persist in a modified form to this day.

Gustav II. Adolf and his contribution to military art - Part II

In the first episode of this study, we first approached the youth and early reign of Gustav II. Adolf and the political situation in Europe at the beginning of the 17th century. The text ended with a description of Gustav's military reforms. In the second episode, we build on the previous text and take a closer look at the Thirty Years' War and the participation of Gustav II. Adolf in the politics and conflicts of this pan-European conflict. We will describe the most important battles in which the Swedish army took part under the command of King Gustav, the battles of Breitenfeld and Lützen, and find out how Gustav and his generals managed to implement fundamental reforms of the martial arts into real life. At the end of the text we will also approach the circumstances of the death of Gustav II. Adolf and we will look at the last phase of the Thirty Years' War and its outcome.

Historical timeline of the 8th Infantry Regiment

It deals with the origin and course of the existence of the 8th Infantry Regiment. The Military Historical Association in Brno agrees with the publication. Authors: Milan Koudelka and Vladimír Holík VHS-BRNO






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