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  • Grenada

    In October 1983, the left-wing New Jewel movement overthrew the government led by Mauritius Bishop. A week later, he and six ministers were erected to the wall and executed in a typical Latin American style. Although the residents expressed their disagreement, the protesters were dispersed.
    At first glance, this is a classic, and not very important for world politics, coup. Even so, these events have earned the attention of the United States.

  • Libya

    During its existence, the US Special Forces took several actions in addition to well-known actions, to which the government did not admit. An operation of this kind also took place in Libya.

  • Basics of tracking

    For most modern armies fighting insurgents, it would not be a problem to defeat insurgent units in open combat. But this is exactly what the insurgents are avoiding. They choose when, where and under what conditions they will fight. Then they withdraw to safety. And it is the problem of finding insurgents that is the problem that does not allow commanders to sleep on today's battlefield. If the insurgents take refuge in remote areas in their safe havens, a good tracker in his craft is a man who cares about the outcome of military operations.


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