Topeka, Kansas
Topeka Topeka
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okres Shawnee Shawnee county
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39°03'21.00"N 95°41'22.00"W
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Hlavní město státu Kansas Capital of Kansas
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Chapters in Topeka is the seat of efficient and legislative power of the state Kansas. With the height of the dome of the 93m is higher than the dome of the Capitol in the capital Washington D.C., although the diameter of the dome is compared to that of the washington just about half (15m vs. 29m). As one of the few offers the kansas capitol visitors the opportunity to climb 296 steps to the top of the dome. The building is in the history of the second building of this role in Kansas.

In 1862 the land for the construction of the Chapter devoted to Cyrus To. Holliday. The construction of the east wing began in 1866, using sandstone of kansas county of Geary. The construction of the west wing continued construction in 1879, this time was used sandstone from Cottonwood Falls. In 1881 they were approved funds for the construction of the central building and the connection to both wings. Construction was started in 1886 and the contract for the construction of the dome was approved in may 1889.

After 37 years, in 1903, the building was declared completed.

Only in 1988 was approved by the form of the statue, which was placed on top of the dome. Ad Astra, of 6.76 m high bronze statue weighing 2 tons, was installed 10. October 2002. The statue represents the kansas indian with bow and arrow, which is directed to the Severce and was selected from 27 proposals. Ad Astra is a shortened part of the Latin motto of the state of Kansas - Ad Astra Per Aspera - the Difficulties to the stars.

In December 2001, was approved the budget of $ 120 million to upgrade the building, the restoration of the first up to the fifth floor, the expansion and renovation of the ground floor of the restoration of the external lining and the copper roof and dome. The cost in the end (until spring 2014), soared to 332 million dollars and included a new heating and air conditioning system, greater security, accessibility, parking garage, visitor center, underground office space and a new roof dome.


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Chapters Kansas

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