Typ 78 (vyprošťovací tank)

Type 78 Armored Recovery Vehicle
78式戦車回収車 / ななはちしきせんしゃかいしゅうしゃ
Recovery tank type 78 / 78式戦車回収車

A prototype of this recovery tank was first introduced in 1974, and mass production began three years later.

The chassis as well as the complete rear part of the hull with the engine compartment is taken from the medium tank Type 74. A developed superstructure was created in the left front part, in which the driver sits in front, and behind him sits the commander of the vehicle, who has a hatch with an orbiting wheel for the machine gun M2HB. A door on the left side of the superstructure is used for the entry of a crew of four into the vehicle. The engineer equipment consists of a front-mounted plow used for terrain clearance and as stabilization during crane operations. The crane is mounted in the right front part of the vehicle and has an outreach of 270°. The maximum load capacity is 20 tonnes.



Technical and tactical data
Combat weight: 38 000 kg
Crew: 4

- Length: 7,950 mm
- Width: 3 380 mm
- Height to top of superstructure: 2 400 mm

Climb: 60%
Lateral tilt: 40%

Overrun: 2.7 m
Climbability: 1.0 m

- Without preparation: 1.0 m
- with preparation: 2.0 m

Propulsion unit:
- Type: Mitsubishi 10ZF, diesel ten-cylinder

- MT75A

Maximum speed: 53 km/h

Driving range: 300 km

- M2HB 12.7 mm calibre machine gun
Typ 78 (vyprošťovací tank) - (Takashi Yamane)

(Takashi Yamane)
URL : https://www.valka.cz/Typ-78-vyprostovaci-tank-t22602#85558 Version : 0
Typ 78 (vyprošťovací tank) - (Takashi Yamane)

(Takashi Yamane)
URL : https://www.valka.cz/Typ-78-vyprostovaci-tank-t22602#119399 Version : 0
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